Today in History, English
Today in History, English

91381August 12Death1674 – Philippe de Champaigne, Belgian-French painter and educator (b. 1602)
91382August 12Death1689 – Pope Innocent XI (b. 1611)
91383August 12Death1778 – Peregrine Bertie, 3rd Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, English general and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire (b. 1714)
91384August 12Death1809 – Mikhail Kamensky, Russian field marshal (b. 1738)
91385August 12Death1810 – Étienne Louis Geoffroy, French pharmacist and entomologist (b. 1725)
91386August 12Death1822 – Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, Irish-English politician, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (b. 1769)
91387August 12Death1827 – William Blake, English poet and painter (b. 1757)
91388August 12Death1829 – Charles Sapinaud de La Rairie, French general (b. 1760)
91389August 12Death1848 – George Stephenson, English engineer and academic (b. 1781)
91390August 12Death1849 – Albert Gallatin, Swiss-American ethnologist, linguist, and politician, 4th United States Secretary of the Treasury (b. 1761)
91391August 12Death1851 – John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune, English-Indian lawyer and activist (b. 1801)
91392August 12Death1861 – Eliphalet Remington, American inventor and businessman, founded Remington Arms (b. 1793)
91393August 12Death1864 – Sakuma Shōzan, Japanese scholar and politician (b. 1811)
91394August 12Death1865 – William Jackson Hooker, English botanist and academic (b. 1785)
91395August 12Death1891 – James Russell Lowell, American poet and critic (b. 1819)
91396August 12Death1896 – Thomas Chamberlain, American colonel (b. 1841)
91397August 12Death1900 – Wilhelm Steinitz, Austrian chess player and theoretician (b. 1836)
91398August 12Death1901 – Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, Finnish-Swedish botanist, geologist, mineralogist, and explorer (b. 1832)
91399August 12Death1904 – William Renshaw, English tennis player (b. 1861)
91400August 12Death1914 – John Philip Holland, Irish engineer, designed the HMS Holland 1 (b. 1840)
91401August 12Death1918 – Anna Held, Polish-American actress and singer (b. 1872)
91402August 12Death1918 – William Thompson, American archer (b. 1848)
91403August 12Death1921 – Pyotr Boborykin, Russian playwright and journalist (b. 1836)
91404August 12Death1922 – Arthur Griffith, Irish journalist and politician, 3rd President of Dáil Éireann (b. 1871)
91405August 12Death1924 – Sándor Bródy, Hungarian journalist and author (b. 1863)
91406August 12Death1928 – Leoš Janáček, Czech composer and educator (b. 1854)
91407August 12Death1934 – Hendrik Petrus Berlage, Dutch architect, designed the Beurs van Berlage (b. 1856)
91408August 12Death1935 – Friedrich Schottky, German mathematician and academic (b. 1851)
91409August 12Death1940 – Nikolai Triik, Estonian painter, illustrator, and academic (b. 1884)
91410August 12Death1941 – Freeman Freeman-Thomas, 1st Marquess of Willingdon, English soldier and politician, 56th Governor General of Canada (b. 1866)

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