Today in History, English
Today in History, English

91531August 13Event2010 – The MV Sun Sea docks in CFB Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada, carrying 492 Sri Lankan Tamils.
91532August 13Event2014 – Three train cars derail and 11 people are injured after a landslide hits a mountain train in the Swiss Alps.
91533August 13Event2015 – At least 76 people are killed and 212 others are wounded in a truck bombing in Baghdad, Iraq.
91534August 13Birth1311 – Alfonso XI of Castile (d. 1350)
91535August 13Birth1584 – Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk, English admiral and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Cumberland (d. 1640)
91536August 13Birth1625 – Rasmus Bartholin, Danish physician, mathematician, and physicist (d. 1698)
91537August 13Birth1662 – Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset, English politician, Lord President of the Council (d. 1748)
91538August 13Birth1666 – William Wotton, English linguist and scholar (d. 1727)
91539August 13Birth1700 – Heinrich von Brühl, Polish-German politician (d. 1763)
91540August 13Birth1717 – Louis François, Prince of Conti (d. 1776)
91541August 13Birth1752 – Maria Carolina of Austria (d. 1814)
91542August 13Birth1764 – Louis Baraguey d'Hilliers, French general (d. 1816)
91543August 13Birth1790 – William Wentworth, Australian journalist, explorer, and politician (d. 1872)
91544August 13Birth1792 – Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen (d. 1849)
91545August 13Birth1803 – Vladimir Odoyevsky, Russian philosopher and critic (d. 1869)
91546August 13Birth1814 – Anders Jonas Ångström, Swedish physicist and astronomer (d. 1874)
91547August 13Birth1818 – Lucy Stone, American activist (d. 1893)
91548August 13Birth1819 – Sir George Stokes, 1st Baronet, Irish-English mathematician and physicist (d. 1903)
91549August 13Birth1820 – George Grove, English musicologist and historian (d. 1900)
91550August 13Birth1823 – Goldwin Smith, English-Canadian historian and journalist (d. 1910)
91551August 13Birth1831 – Salomon Jadassohn, German pianist and composer (d. 1902)
91552August 13Birth1841 – Johnny Mullagh, Australian cricketer (d. 1891)
91553August 13Birth1842 – Charles Wells, English brewer, founded Charles Wells Ltd (d. 1914)
91554August 13Birth1851 – Felix Adler, German-American religious leader and educator (d. 1933)
91555August 13Birth1860 – Annie Oakley, American target shooter (d. 1926)
91556August 13Birth1866 – Giovanni Agnelli, Italian businessman, founded Fiat S.p.A (d. 1945)
91557August 13Birth1867 – George Luks, American painter and illustrator (d. 1933)
91558August 13Birth1872 – Richard Willstätter, German-Swiss chemist and academic, Nobel Prize Laureate (d. 1942)
91559August 13Birth1879 – John Ireland, English composer and educator (d. 1962)
91560August 13Birth1884 – Harry Dean, English cricketer and coach (d. 1957)

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