Today in History, English
Today in History, English

91801August 13Death1958 – Francis J. McCormick, American football, basketball player, and coach (b. 1903)
91802August 13Death1958 – Otto Witte, German acrobat (b. 1868)
91803August 13Death1963 – Louis Bastien, French cyclist and fencer (b. 1881)
91804August 13Death1965 – Hayato Ikeda, Japanese lawyer and politician, 58th Prime Minister of Japan (b. 1899)
91805August 13Death1971 – W. O. Bentley, English race car driver and engineer, founded Bentley Motors Limited (b. 1888)
91806August 13Death1975 – Murilo Mendes, Brazilian poet and telegrapher (b. 1901)
91807August 13Death1977 – Henry Williamson, English farmer and author (b. 1895)
91808August 13Death1979 – Andrew Dasburg, American painter and sculptor (b. 1887)
91809August 13Death1982 – Joe Tex, American singer-songwriter (b. 1933)
91810August 13Death1984 – Tigran Petrosian, Georgian-Armenian chess player (b. 1929)
91811August 13Death1986 – Way Bandy, American make-up artist (b. 1941)
91812August 13Death1986 – Helen Mack, American actress and singer (b. 1913)
91813August 13Death1989 – Tim Richmond, American race car driver (b. 1955)
91814August 13Death1989 – Larkin I. Smith, American police officer and politician (b. 1944)
91815August 13Death1991 – James Roosevelt, American general and politician (b. 1907)
91816August 13Death1991 – Jack Ryan, American engineer (b. 1926)
91817August 13Death1995 – Alison Hargreaves, English mountaineer (b. 1963)
91818August 13Death1995 – Jan Křesadlo, Czech-English psychologist and author (b. 1926)
91819August 13Death1995 – Mickey Mantle, American baseball player and sportscaster (b. 1931)
91820August 13Death1995 – Rob Slater, American mountaineer (b. 1960)
91821August 13Death1996 – António de Spínola, Portuguese general and politician, 14th President of Portugal (b. 1910)
91822August 13Death1996 – David Tudor, American pianist and composer (b. 1926)
91823August 13Death1998 – Nino Ferrer, Italian-French singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1934)
91824August 13Death1998 – Edward Ginzton, Ukrainian-American physicist and academic (b. 1915)
91825August 13Death1998 – Julien Green, American author (b. 1900)
91826August 13Death1998 – Waneta Hoyt, American serial killer (b. 1946)
91827August 13Death1998 – Rafael Robles, Dominican-American baseball player (b. 1947)
91828August 13Death1999 – Ignatz Bubis, German religious leader (b. 1927)
91829August 13Death1999 – Jaime Garzón, Colombian journalist and lawyer (b. 1960)
91830August 13Death1999 – Gopal Shankar Misra, Indian vichitra veena player and educator (b. 1957)

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