Today in History, English
Today in History, English

92071August 14Birth1961 – Buddy Landel, American wrestler and trainer (d. 2015)
92072August 14Birth1961 – Susan Olsen, American actress, singer, and radio host
92073August 14Birth1962 – Lady Bunny, American drag queen performer
92074August 14Birth1962 – Mark Gubicza, American baseball player and sportscaster
92075August 14Birth1962 – Kevin Harris, Canadian skateboarder
92076August 14Birth1962 – Andres Herkel, Estonian academic and politician
92077August 14Birth1962 – Rameez Raja, Pakistani cricketer and sportscaster
92078August 14Birth1963 – David Aaron Baker, American actor
92079August 14Birth1963 – Emmanuelle Béart, French actress and singer
92080August 14Birth1964 – Neal Anderson, American football player and coach
92081August 14Birth1964 – Jason Dunstall, Australian footballer and sportscaster
92082August 14Birth1965 – Brannon Braga, American screenwriter and producer
92083August 14Birth1965 – Mark Collins, English guitarist and songwriter (The Charlatans and The Waltones)
92084August 14Birth1965 – Terry Richardson, American photographer and director
92085August 14Birth1966 – Halle Berry, American model, actress, and producer, Miss World United States 1986
92086August 14Birth1966 – Karl Petter Løken, Swedish-Norwegian footballer and sportscaster
92087August 14Birth1966 – Tuncay Özkan, Turkish journalist and politician
92088August 14Birth1967 – Erik Gandini, Italian-Swedish director, producer, and screenwriter
92089August 14Birth1968 – Pravin Amre, Indian cricketer and coach
92090August 14Birth1968 – Catherine Bell, English-American actress and producer
92091August 14Birth1968 – Darren Clarke, Northern Irish golfer
92092August 14Birth1968 – Jason Leonard, English rugby player
92093August 14Birth1968 – Adrian Lester, English actor, director, and screenwriter
92094August 14Birth1968 – Billy Mavreas, Greek-Canadian cartoonist
92095August 14Birth1968 – Medy van der Laan, Dutch politician
92096August 14Birth1969 – Tracy Caldwell Dyson, American chemist and astronaut
92097August 14Birth1969 – DJ Uncle Al, American rapper and DJ (d. 2001)
92098August 14Birth1969 – Stig Tøfting, Danish footballer and manager
92099August 14Birth1970 – Kevin Cadogan, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Third Eye Blind)
92100August 14Birth1971 – Raoul Bova, Italian actor, producer, and screenwriter

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