Today in History, English
Today in History, English

9211January 21Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:AgnesFructuosusJohn Yi Yun-il (one of The Korean Martyrs)Meinrad of EinsiedelnJanuary 21 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
9212January 21Holiday and observanceErrol Barrow Day (Barbados)
9213January 21Holiday and observanceFlag Day (Quebec)
9214January 21Holiday and observanceLady of Altagracia Day (Dominican Republic)
9215January 21Holiday and observanceNational Hug Day (United States)
9216January 22Event613 – Eight-month-old Constantine is crowned as co-emperor (Caesar) by his father Heraclius at Constantinople.
9217January 22Event1506 – The first contingent of 150 Swiss Guards arrives at the Vatican.
9218January 22Event1517 – The Ottoman Empire under Selim I defeats the Mamluk Sultanate and captures present-day Egypt at the Battle of Ridaniya.
9219January 22Event1521 – Emperor Charles V opens the Diet of Worms
9220January 22Event1555 – The Ava Kingdom falls to the Taungoo Dynasty in what is now present-day Burma.
9221January 22Event1689 – The Convention Parliament convenes to determine whether James II and VII, the last Roman Catholic monarch of England, Ireland and Scotland, had vacated the thrones when he fled to France in 1688.
9222January 22Event1824 – The Ashantis defeat British forces in the Gold Coast.
9223January 22Event1849 – Second Anglo-Sikh War: The Siege of Multan ends after nine months when the last Sikh defenders of Multan, Punjab, surrender.
9224January 22Event1863 – The January Uprising breaks out in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. The aim of the national movement is to regain Polish–Lithuanian–Ruthenian Commonwealth from occupation by Russia.
9225January 22Event1877 – Arthur Tooth, an Anglican clergyman is taken into custody after being prosecuted for using ritualist practices.
9226January 22Event1879 – Anglo-Zulu War: Battle of Isandlwana: Zulu troops decisively defeat British troops.
9227January 22Event1879 – Anglo-Zulu War: Battle of Rorke's Drift: One hundred thirty-nine British soldiers successfully defend their garrison against an onslaught by three to four thousand Zulu warriors.
9228January 22Event1889 – Columbia Phonograph is formed in Washington, D.C.
9229January 22Event1890 – The United Mine Workers of America is founded in Columbus, Ohio.
9230January 22Event1899 – Leaders of six Australian colonies meet in Melbourne to discuss confederation.
9231January 22Event1901 – Edward VII is proclaimed King after the death of his mother, Queen Victoria.
9232January 22Event1905 – Bloody Sunday in Saint Petersburg, beginning of the 1905 revolution.
9233January 22Event1906 – SS Valencia runs aground on rocks on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, killing more than 130.
9234January 22Event1915 – Over 600 people are killed in Guadalajara, Mexico, when a train plunges off the tracks into a deep canyon.
9235January 22Event1917 – World War I: President Woodrow Wilson of the still-neutral United States calls for "peace without victory" in Europe.
9236January 22Event1919 – Act Zluky is signed, unifying the Ukrainian People's Republic and the West Ukrainian National Republic.
9237January 22Event1924 – Ramsay MacDonald becomes the first Labour Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
9238January 22Event1927 – Teddy Wakelam gives the first live radio commentary of a football match anywhere in the world, between Arsenal F.C. and Sheffield United at Highbury.
9239January 22Event1941 – World War II: British and Commonwealth troops capture Tobruk from Italian forces during Operation Compass.
9240January 22Event1944 – World War II: The Allies commence Operation Shingle, an assault on Anzio and Nettuno, Italy.

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