Today in History, English
Today in History, English

93571August 18Event1940 – World War II: The Hardest Day air battle, part of the Battle of Britain. At that point, the largest aerial engagement in history with heavy losses sustained on both sides.
93572August 18Event1945 – Sukarno takes office as the first president of Indonesia, following the country's declaration of independence the previous day.
93573August 18Event1950 – Julien Lahaut, the chairman of the Communist Party of Belgium is assassinated by far-right elements.
93574August 18Event1958 – Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel Lolita is published in the United States.
93575August 18Event1958 – Brojen Das from Bangladesh swims across the English Channel in a competition, as the first Bengali and the first Asian to do so. He came first among 39 competitors.
93576August 18Event1963 – American civil rights movement: James Meredith becomes the first black person to graduate from the University of Mississippi.
93577August 18Event1965 – Vietnam War: Operation Starlite begins: United States Marines destroy a Viet Cong stronghold on the Van Tuong peninsula in the first major American ground battle of the war.
93578August 18Event1966 – Vietnam War: The Battle of Long Tan ensues after a patrol from the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment clashes with a Viet Cong force in Phước Tuy Province.
93579August 18Event1971 – Vietnam War: Australia and New Zealand decide to withdraw their troops from Vietnam.
93580August 18Event1976 – In the Korean Demilitarized Zone at Panmunjom, the Axe murder incident results in the death of two US soldiers.
93581August 18Event1977 – Steve Biko is arrested at a police roadblock under the Terrorism Act No. 83 of 1967 in King William's Town, South Africa. He later dies from injuries sustained during this arrest bringing attention to South Africa's apartheid policies.
93582August 18Event1983 – Hurricane Alicia hits the Texas coast, killing 22 people and causing over US$1 billion in damage (1983 dollars).
93583August 18Event1989 – Leading presidential hopeful Luis Carlos Galán is assassinated near Bogotá in Colombia.
93584August 18Event2005 – A massive power blackout hits the Indonesian island of Java, affecting almost 100 million people, one of the largest and most widespread power outages in history.
93585August 18Event2008 – President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf resigns under threat of impeachment.
93586August 18Event2008 – War of Afghanistan: Uzbin Valley ambush occurs.
93587August 18Birth1450 – Marko Marulić, Croatian poet and author (d. 1524)
93588August 18Birth1542 – Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmorland (d. 1601)
93589August 18Birth1579 – Countess Charlotte Flandrina of Nassau (d. 1640)
93590August 18Birth1596 – Jean Bolland, Flemish priest and hagiographer (d. 1665)
93591August 18Birth1605 – Henry Hammond, English churchman and theologian (d. 1660)
93592August 18Birth1606 – Maria Anna of Spain (d. 1646)
93593August 18Birth1611 – Marie Louise Gonzaga, French wife of John II Casimir Vasa (d. 1650)
93594August 18Birth1657 – Ferdinando Galli-Bibiena, Italian architect and painter (d. 1743)
93595August 18Birth1685 – Brook Taylor, English mathematician and theorist (d. 1731)
93596August 18Birth1692 – Louis Henri, Duke of Bourbon (d. 1740)
93597August 18Birth1700 – Baji Rao I, Indian emperor (d. 1740)
93598August 18Birth1720 – Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers, English politician (d. 1760)
93599August 18Birth1750 – Antonio Salieri, Italian composer and conductor (d. 1825)
93600August 18Birth1754 – François, marquis de Chasseloup-Laubat, French general and engineer (d. 1833)

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