Today in History, English
Today in History, English

94051August 19Birth1941 – Mihalis Papagiannakis, Greek educator and politician (d. 2009)
94052August 19Birth1942 – Fred Thompson, American actor, lawyer, and politician (d. 2015)
94053August 19Birth1943 – Billy J. Kramer, English singer
94054August 19Birth1944 – Jack Canfield, American author
94055August 19Birth1944 – Buzz Kilman, American radio host
94056August 19Birth1944 – Bodil Malmsten, Swedish author and poet
94057August 19Birth1944 – Eddy Raven, American singer-songwriter
94058August 19Birth1944 – Charles Wang, Chinese-American businessman and philanthropist, co-founded Computer Associates International
94059August 19Birth1945 – Sandro de América, Argentinian singer and actor (d. 2010)
94060August 19Birth1945 – Dennis Eichhorn, American author and illustrator (d. 2015)
94061August 19Birth1945 – Ian Gillan, English singer-songwriter (Ian Gillan Band, Gillan, Deep Purple, Episode Six, Black Sabbath, WhoCares)
94062August 19Birth1945 – Charles Wellesley, 9th Duke of Wellington, English politician
94063August 19Birth1946 – Charles Bolden, American general and astronaut
94064August 19Birth1946 – Bill Clinton, American lawyer and politician, 42nd President of the United States
94065August 19Birth1946 – Christopher Malcolm, Scottish-English actor and singer (d. 2014)
94066August 19Birth1946 – Beat Raaflaub, Swiss conductor and director
94067August 19Birth1946 – Dawn Steel, American film producer (d. 1997)
94068August 19Birth1947 – Dave Dutton, English actor and screenwriter
94069August 19Birth1947 – Terry Hoeppner, American football player and coach (d. 2007)
94070August 19Birth1947 – Gerard Schwarz, American conductor and director
94071August 19Birth1948 – Jim Carter, English actor
94072August 19Birth1948 – Tipper Gore, American author and photographer, co-founded the Parents Music Resource Center
94073August 19Birth1948 – Robert Hughes, Australian actor
94074August 19Birth1948 – Gerald McRaney, American actor, director, and producer
94075August 19Birth1948 – Tom Mullica, American magician and actor
94076August 19Birth1948 – Christy O'Connor Jnr, Irish golfer and architect
94077August 19Birth1949 – Michael Nazir-Ali, Pakistani-English bishop
94078August 19Birth1950 – Graeme Beard, Australian cricketer
94079August 19Birth1950 – Jennie Bond, English journalist and author
94080August 19Birth1950 – Sudha Murthy, Indian social worker and author

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