Today in History, English
Today in History, English

95011August 21Birth1970 – Craig Counsell, American baseball player and coach
95012August 21Birth1970 – Erik Dekker, Dutch cyclist and manager
95013August 21Birth1970 – Simone Eriksrud, Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist (D'Sound)
95014August 21Birth1970 – Nathan Jones, Australian wrestler and actor
95015August 21Birth1970 – Cathy Weseluck, Canadian actress, singer, and director
95016August 21Birth1971 – Mamadou Diallo, Senegalese footballer
95017August 21Birth1971 – Robert Harvey, Australian footballer and coach
95018August 21Birth1971 – Liam Howlett, English keyboard player, DJ, and producer (The Prodigy)
95019August 21Birth1973 – Sergey Brin, Russian-American computer scientist and businessman, co-founded Google
95020August 21Birth1973 – Steve McKenna, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
95021August 21Birth1973 – Nikolai Valuev, Russian boxer and actor
95022August 21Birth1974 – Martin Andanar, Filipino journalist and radio host
95023August 21Birth1974 – Paul Mellor, Australian rugby player and referee
95024August 21Birth1974 – Johnny Reid, Scottish-Canadian singer
95025August 21Birth1975 – Simon Katich, Australian cricketer and manager
95026August 21Birth1975 – Alicia Witt, American actress and singer
95027August 21Birth1976 – Alex Brooks, American ice hockey player and scout
95028August 21Birth1976 – Jeff Cunningham, Jamaican-American soccer player
95029August 21Birth1976 – Robert Miles, Australian rugby player
95030August 21Birth1976 – Ramón Vázquez, Puerto Rican baseball player and coach
95031August 21Birth1976 – Nikos Vertis, Dutch-Greek singer
95032August 21Birth1978 – Peter Buxton, English rugby player and manager
95033August 21Birth1978 – Bhumika Chawla, Indian actress
95034August 21Birth1978 – Reuben Droughns, American football player and coach
95035August 21Birth1978 – Lee Gronkiewicz, American baseball player and coach
95036August 21Birth1978 – Alan Lee, Irish footballer and coach
95037August 21Birth1978 – Jason Marquis, American baseball player
95038August 21Birth1978 – Fay Wolf, American actress, singer-songwriter, and pianist
95039August 21Birth1978 – Annie Wu, Taiwanese model and actress
95040August 21Birth1979 – Kelis, American singer-songwriter

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