Today in History, English
Today in History, English

95191August 21Holiday and observanceNinoy Aquino Day (Philippines)
95192August 21Holiday and observanceYouth Day/King Mohammed VI's Birthday (Morocco)
95193August 22Event392 – Arbogast has Eugenius elected Western Roman Emperor.
95194August 22Event476 – Odoacer is named Rex italiae by his troops.
95195August 22Event565 – Columba reports seeing a monster in Loch Ness, Scotland.
95196August 22Event851 – Battle of Jengland: Erispoe defeats Charles the Bald near the Breton town of Jengland.
95197August 22Event1138 – Battle of the Standard between Scotland and England.
95198August 22Event1485 – The Battle of Bosworth Field, the death of Richard III and the end of the House of Plantagenet.
95199August 22Event1559 – Bartolomé Carranza, Spanish archbishop, is arrested for heresy.
95200August 22Event1639 – Madras (now Chennai), India, is founded by the British East India Company on a sliver of land bought from local Nayak rulers.
95201August 22Event1642 – Charles I calls the English Parliament traitors. The English Civil War begins.
95202August 22Event1654 – Jacob Barsimson arrives in New Amsterdam. He is the first known Jewish immigrant to America.
95203August 22Event1711 – Ships from British Admiral Hovenden Walker's Quebec Expedition flounders on rocks at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River.
95204August 22Event1717 – Spanish troops land on Sardinia.
95205August 22Event1770 – James Cook names and lands on Possession Island, Queensland and claims the east coast of Australia as New South Wales in the name of King George III.
95206August 22Event1777 – American Revolutionary War: British forces abandon the Siege of Fort Stanwix after hearing rumors of Continental Army reinforcements.
95207August 22Event1780 – James Cook's ship HMS Resolution returns to England (Cook having been killed on Hawaii during the voyage).
95208August 22Event1791 – Beginning of the Haitian Slave Revolution in Saint-Domingue.
95209August 22Event1798 – French troops land in Kilcummin harbour, County Mayo, Ireland to aid Wolfe Tone's United Irishmen's Irish Rebellion.
95210August 22Event1827 – José de la Mar becomes President of Peru.
95211August 22Event1831 – Nat Turner's slave rebellion commences just after midnight in Southampton County, Virginia, leading to the deaths of more than 50 whites and several hundred African Americans who are killed in retaliation for the uprising.
95212August 22Event1846 – The Second Federal Republic of Mexico is established.
95213August 22Event1848 – The United States annexes New Mexico.
95214August 22Event1849 – The first air raid in history. Austria launches pilotless balloons against the city of Venice.
95215August 22Event1851 – The first America's Cup is won by the yacht America.
95216August 22Event1864 – Twelve nations sign the First Geneva Convention.
95217August 22Event1875 – The Treaty of Saint Petersburg between Japan and Russia is ratified, providing for the exchange of Sakhalin for the Kuril Islands.
95218August 22Event1902 – Cadillac Motor Company is founded.
95219August 22Event1902 – Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first President of the United States to ride in an automobile.
95220August 22Event1910 – Korea is annexed by Japan with the signing of the Japan–Korea Treaty of 1910, beginning a period of Japanese rule of Korea that lasted until the end of World War II.

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