Today in History, English
Today in History, English

95671August 23Event1996 – Osama bin Laden issues message entitled 'A declaration of war against the Americans occupying the land of the two holy places.'
95672August 23Event2000 – Gulf Air Flight 072 crashes into the Persian Gulf near Manama, Bahrain, killing 143.
95673August 23Event2006 – Natascha Kampusch, who had been abducted at the age of ten, escapes from her captor Wolfgang Přiklopil, after eight years of captivity.
95674August 23Event2007 – The skeletal remains of Russia's last royal family members Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia, and his sister Grand Duchess Anastasia are discovered near Yekaterinburg, Russia.
95675August 23Event2010 – Manila hostage crisis, in which eight hostages were killed.
95676August 23Event2011 – A magnitude 5.8 (class: moderate) earthquake occurs in Virginia. Damage occurs to monuments and structures in Washington D.C. and the resulted damage is estimated at $200 million–$300 million USD.
95677August 23Event2011 – Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is overthrown after the National Transitional Council forces take control of Bab al-Azizia compound during the Libyan Civil War.
95678August 23Event2012 – A hot-air balloon crashes near the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, killing six people and injuring 28 others.
95679August 23Event2013 – A riot at the Palmasola prison complex in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, kills 31 people.
95680August 23Birth1486 – Sigismund von Herberstein, Slovenian historian and diplomat (d. 1566)
95681August 23Birth1524 – François Hotman, French lawyer and jurist (d. 1590)
95682August 23Birth1623 – Stanisław Lubieniecki, Polish astronomer, theologian, and historian (d. 1675)
95683August 23Birth1724 – Abraham Yates, Jr., American lawyer and civil servant (d. 1796)
95684August 23Birth1741 – Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse, French admiral and explorer (d. 1788)
95685August 23Birth1754 – Louis XVI of France (d. 1793)
95686August 23Birth1757 – Marie Magdalene Charlotte Ackermann, German actress (d. 1775)
95687August 23Birth1769 – Georges Cuvier, French biologist and academic (d. 1832)
95688August 23Birth1783 – William Tierney Clark, English engineer, designed the Hammersmith Bridge (d. 1852)
95689August 23Birth1785 – Oliver Hazard Perry, American commander (d. 1819)
95690August 23Birth1805 – Anton von Schmerling, Austrian judge and politician (d. 1893)
95691August 23Birth1814 – James Roosevelt Bayley, American archbishop (d. 1877)
95692August 23Birth1829 – Moritz Cantor, German mathematician and historian (d. 1920)
95693August 23Birth1836 – Marie Henriette of Austria (d. 1902)
95694August 23Birth1843 – William Southam, Canadian publisher (d. 1932)
95695August 23Birth1846 – Alexander Milne Calder, Scottish-American sculptor (d. 1923)
95696August 23Birth1847 – Sarah Frances Whiting, American physicist and astronomer (d. 1927)
95697August 23Birth1849 – William Ernest Henley, English poet and critic (d. 1903)
95698August 23Birth1852 – Radha Gobinda Kar, Indian physician and philanthropist (d. 1918)
95699August 23Birth1852 – Clímaco Calderón, Colombian lawyer and politician, 15th President of Colombia (d. 1913)
95700August 23Birth1852 – Arnold Toynbee, English economist and historian (d. 1883)

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