Today in History, English
Today in History, English

95821August 23Birth1962 – Shaun Ryder, English singer-songwriter and actor (Happy Mondays and Black Grape)
95822August 23Birth1963 – Park Chan-wook, South Korean director, producer, and screenwriter
95823August 23Birth1963 – Richard Illingworth, English cricketer and umpire
95824August 23Birth1963 – Kenny Wallace, American race car driver
95825August 23Birth1964 – Johan Bruyneel, Belgian cyclist and manager
95826August 23Birth1964 – Kong Hee, Singaporean pastor, founded the City Harvest Church
95827August 23Birth1964 – Wendy Pepper, American fashion designer
95828August 23Birth1964 – Yoshikazu Taru, Japanese wrestler
95829August 23Birth1965 – Roger Avary, Canadian director, producer, and screenwriter
95830August 23Birth1966 – Charley Boorman, English actor and producer
95831August 23Birth1966 – Rik Smits, Dutch-American basketball player
95832August 23Birth1967 – Ant, American comedian and actor
95833August 23Birth1967 – Jim Murphy, Scottish lawyer and politician, Minister of State for Europe
95834August 23Birth1967 – Richard Petrie, New Zealand cricketer
95835August 23Birth1967 – Kazumi Totaka, Japanese voice actor and composer
95836August 23Birth1968 – Laura Claycomb, American soprano
95837August 23Birth1968 – Chris DiMarco, American golfer
95838August 23Birth1969 – Geneviève Brouillette, Canadian actress
95839August 23Birth1969 – Tinus Linee, South African rugby player and coach (d. 2014)
95840August 23Birth1969 – Jack Lopresti, English soldier and politician
95841August 23Birth1969 – Jeremy Schaap, American journalist and author
95842August 23Birth1969 – Keith Tyson, English painter and illustrator
95843August 23Birth1970 – KK, Indian singer-songwriter
95844August 23Birth1970 – Lawrence Frank, American basketball player and coach
95845August 23Birth1970 – Jason Hetherington, Australian rugby player
95846August 23Birth1970 – Brad Mehldau, American pianist and composer
95847August 23Birth1970 – Jay Mohr, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
95848August 23Birth1970 – River Phoenix, American actor and singer (d. 1993)
95849August 23Birth1970 – Lee Sung-jae, South Korean actor
95850August 23Birth1971 – Demetrio Albertini, Italian footballer and manager

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