Today in History, English
Today in History, English

97111August 26Birth1987 – Juan Joseph, American football player and coach (d. 2014)
97112August 26Birth1987 – Riley Steele, American porn actress
97113August 26Birth1988 – Elvis Andrus, Venezuelan baseball player
97114August 26Birth1988 – Tori Black, American porn actress
97115August 26Birth1988 – Niña Jose, Filipino actress
97116August 26Birth1988 – Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este
97117August 26Birth1988 – Evan Ross, American actor and singer
97118August 26Birth1988 – Danielle Savre, American actress, singer, and dancer
97119August 26Birth1988 – Wayne Simmonds, Canadians ice hockey player
97120August 26Birth1988 – Lars Stindl, German football player
97121August 26Birth1989 – Héloïse Guérin, French model
97122August 26Birth1989 – James Harden, American basketball player
97123August 26Birth1989 – Lil' Chris, English singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2015)
97124August 26Birth1991 – Tommy Bastow, English actor and singer (FranKo)
97125August 26Birth1991 – Jessica Diggins, American skier
97126August 26Birth1991 – Dylan O'Brien, American actor
97127August 26Birth1992 – Hayley Hasselhoff, American actress
97128August 26Birth1992 – Yang Yilin, Chinese gymnast
97129August 26Birth1993 – Marko Livaja, Croatian footballer
97130August 26Birth1993 – Keke Palmer, American actress and singer
97131August 26Birth1995 – Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, American son of Anwar al-Awlaki (d. 2011)
97132August 26Birth1996 – Bishop Nehru, American rapper and producer
97133August 26Death1214 – Michael IV of Constantinople
97134August 26Death1278 – Ottokar II of Bohemia (b. 1233)
97135August 26Death1346 – Killed in the Battle of Crécy:Charles II, Count of Alençon (b. 1297)Louis I, Count of Flanders (b. 1304)Rudolph, Duke of Lorraine (b. 1320)John of Bohemia (b. 1296)
97136August 26Death1349 – Thomas Bradwardine, English archbishop, mathematician, and physicist (b. 1290)
97137August 26Death1462 – Catherine Zaccaria, Byzantine daughter of Centurione II Zaccaria
97138August 26Death1551 – Margaret Leijonhufvud, Swedish wife of Gustav I of Sweden (b. 1516)
97139August 26Death1572 – Petrus Ramus, French philosopher and logician (b. 1515)
97140August 26Death1595 – António, Prior of Crato (b. 1531)

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