Today in History, English
Today in History, English

98221August 29Birth1951 – Geoff Whitehorn, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (IF, Crawler, and Procol Harum)
98222August 29Birth1952 – Karen Hesse, American author and poet
98223August 29Birth1952 – Dave Malone, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Radiators)
98224August 29Birth1952 – Deborah Van Valkenburgh, American actress
98225August 29Birth1953 – David Boaz American businessman and author
98226August 29Birth1953 – Doña Croll, Jamaican-English actress
98227August 29Birth1953 – James Quesada, Nicaraguan-American anthropologist and academic
98228August 29Birth1954 – Michael P. Kube-McDowell, American journalist, author, and academic
98229August 29Birth1955 – Diamanda Galás, American singer-songwriter and pianist
98230August 29Birth1955 – Frank Hoste, Belgian cyclist
98231August 29Birth1955 – Jack Lew, American lawyer and politician, 25th White House Chief of Staff
98232August 29Birth1956 – GG Allin, American singer-songwriter (The Murder Junkies and The Jabbers) (d. 1993)
98233August 29Birth1956 – Mark Morris, American dancer and choreographer
98234August 29Birth1956 – Charalambos Xanthopoulos, Greek footballer
98235August 29Birth1956 – Steve Yarbrough, American novelist and short story writer
98236August 29Birth1957 – Jerry D. Bailey, American jockey and sportscaster
98237August 29Birth1958 – Lenny Henry, English comedian, actor, and screenwriter
98238August 29Birth1958 – Michael Jackson, American singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, and actor (The Jackson 5) (d. 2009)
98239August 29Birth1959 – Rebecca De Mornay, American actress, singer, and producer
98240August 29Birth1959 – Ramón Díaz, Argentinian footballer and manager
98241August 29Birth1959 – Ray Elgaard, Canadian football player
98242August 29Birth1959 – Chris Hadfield, Canadian colonel, pilot, and astronaut
98243August 29Birth1959 – Akkineni Nagarjuna, Indian actor and producer
98244August 29Birth1959 – Eddi Reader, Scottish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Fairground Attraction)
98245August 29Birth1959 – Timothy Shriver, American businessman and activist
98246August 29Birth1959 – Stephen Wolfram, English-American physicist and mathematician
98247August 29Birth1960 – Todd English, American chef and author
98248August 29Birth1960 – Tony MacAlpine, American guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Planet X, CAB, Ring of Fire, and Seven the Hardway)
98249August 29Birth1961 – Carsten Fischer, German field hockey player
98250August 29Birth1961 – Rodney McCray, American basketball player

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