Today in History, English
Today in History, English

98641August 30Birth1970 – Carlo Checchinato, Italian rugby player and manager
98642August 30Birth1970 – Michael Wong, Malaysian-Chinese singer-songwriter (Michael & Victor)
98643August 30Birth1971 – Lars Frederiksen, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Rancid, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, and UK Subs)
98644August 30Birth1971 – Julian Smith, Scottish politician
98645August 30Birth1972 – Cameron Diaz, American model, actress, and producer
98646August 30Birth1972 – Pavel Nedvěd, Czech footballer
98647August 30Birth1973 – Echo Chernik, American illustrator and publisher
98648August 30Birth1973 – Lisa Ling, American journalist and author
98649August 30Birth1974 – Aaron Barrett, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Reel Big Fish, The Scholars, and The Forces of Evil)
98650August 30Birth1974 – Javier Otxoa, Spanish cyclist
98651August 30Birth1975 – Radhi Jaïdi, Tunisian footballer and coach
98652August 30Birth1976 – Mike Koplove, American baseball player
98653August 30Birth1976 – Sarah-Jane Potts, English actress
98654August 30Birth1977 – Shaun Alexander, American football player
98655August 30Birth1977 – Marlon Byrd, American baseball player
98656August 30Birth1977 – Elden Henson, American actor
98657August 30Birth1977 – Kamil Kosowski, Polish footballer
98658August 30Birth1977 – Jens Ludwig, German guitarist (Edguy)
98659August 30Birth1977 – Félix Sánchez, American-Dominican runner and hurdler
98660August 30Birth1978 – Sinead Kerr, Scottish figure skater
98661August 30Birth1978 – Cliff Lee, American baseball player
98662August 30Birth1979 – Juan Ignacio Chela, Argentinian tennis player
98663August 30Birth1979 – Niki Chow, Hong Kong actress and singer
98664August 30Birth1979 – Leon Lopez, English singer-songwriter and actor
98665August 30Birth1979 – Scott Richmond, Canadian baseball player
98666August 30Birth1979 – Tavia Yeung, Hong Kong actress and singer
98667August 30Birth1980 – Angel Coulby, English actress
98668August 30Birth1980 – Antoinette Taus, Filipino-American actress and singer
98669August 30Birth1980 – Derrick Ward, American football player
98670August 30Birth1981 – Germán Legarreta, Puerto Rican-American actor

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