Today in History, English
Today in History, English

99031August 31Birth1970 – Queen Rania of Jordan
99032August 31Birth1970 – Amy Stein, American photographer and educator
99033August 31Birth1970 – Arie van Lent, Dutch-German footballer and manager
99034August 31Birth1970 – Zack Ward, Canadian actor and producer
99035August 31Birth1971 – Pádraig Harrington, Irish golfer
99036August 31Birth1971 – Vadim Repin, Belgian-Russian violinist
99037August 31Birth1971 – Candis Cayne, American actress
99038August 31Birth1972 – Chris Tucker, American comedian and actor
99039August 31Birth1973 – Kaori Mizumori, Japanese singer
99040August 31Birth1973 – Scott Niedermayer, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
99041August 31Birth1974 – Andriy Medvedev, Ukrainian-Monacan tennis player
99042August 31Birth1975 – Craig Cumming, New Zealand cricketer and sportscaster
99043August 31Birth1975 – John Grahame, American ice hockey player and coach
99044August 31Birth1975 – Daniel Harding, English conductor
99045August 31Birth1975 – Sara Ramirez, Mexican-American actress and singer
99046August 31Birth1975 – Takahiro Suwa, Japanese wrestler
99047August 31Birth1976 – Vincent Delerm, French singer-songwriter and pianist
99048August 31Birth1976 – Roque Júnior, Brazilian footballer and manager
99049August 31Birth1976 – Radek Martínek, Czech ice hockey player
99050August 31Birth1977 – Jeff Hardy, American wrestler and singer (PeroxWhy?Gen)
99051August 31Birth1977 – Ian Harte, Irish footballer
99052August 31Birth1977 – Craig Nicholls, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Vines)
99053August 31Birth1978 – Philippe Christanval, French footballer
99054August 31Birth1978 – Ido Pariente, Israeli mixed martial artist and trainer
99055August 31Birth1978 – Sandis Valters, Latvian basketball player
99056August 31Birth1978 – Morten Qvenild, Norwegian pianist and composer (In the Country and Magical Orchestra)
99057August 31Birth1979 – Clay Hensley, American baseball player
99058August 31Birth1979 – Mickie James, American wrestler and singer
99059August 31Birth1979 – Mark Johnston, Canadian swimmer
99060August 31Birth1979 – Simon Neil, Scottish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Biffy Clyro and Marmaduke Duke)

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