Today in History, English
Today in History, English

103081September 9Death2013 – Sunila Abeysekera, Sri Lankan scholar and activist (b. 1952)
103082September 9Death2013 – Alberto Bevilacqua, Italian director and screenwriter (b. 1934)
103083September 9Death2013 – Patricia Blair, American actress (b. 1933)
103084September 9Death2013 – Susan Fitzgerald, English-Irish actress (b. 1949)
103085September 9Death2013 – Saul Landau, American journalist, director, and author (b. 1936)
103086September 9Death2013 – Shalom Yoran, Polish author (b. 1925)
103087September 9Death2014 – Montserrat Abelló i Soler, Spanish poet and translator (b. 1918)
103088September 9Death2014 – Firoza Begum, Bangladeshi singer (b. 1930)
103089September 9Death2014 – Howell Evans, Welsh actor and singer (b. 1928)
103090September 9Death2014 – Graham Joyce, English author and educator (b. 1954)
103091September 9Death2014 – Denny Miller, American actor (b. 1934)
103092September 9Death2014 – Bob Suter, American ice hockey player and coach (b. 1957)
103093September 9Death2014 – Robert Young, Scottish-English guitarist (Primal Scream) (b. 1964)
103094September 9Death2015 – Annemarie Bostroem, German poet, playwright, and songwriter (b. 1922)
103095September 9Death2015 – Einar H. Ingman, Jr., American sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1929)
103096September 9Death2015 – K. Kunaratnam, Sri Lankan physicist and academic (b. 1934)
103097September 9Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Charles Lowder (Church of England)Ciarán of ClonmacnoiseConstance, Nun, and her Companions (Episcopal Church)Our Lady of Arantzazu (Oñati)Peter ClaverSynaxis of Ss. Joachim and Anna, an Afterfeast. (Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholi
103098September 9Holiday and observanceArmored Forces Day (Ukraine)
103099September 9Holiday and observanceCalifornia Admission Day (California, United States)
103100September 9Holiday and observanceChildren's Day (Costa Rica)
103101September 9Holiday and observanceChrysanthemum Day or Kiku no Sekku (Japan)
103102September 9Holiday and observanceDay of the Victims of Holocaust and of Racial Violence (Slovakia)
103103September 9Holiday and observanceIndependence Day or Republic Day, celebrates the proclamation of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) in 1948.
103104September 9Holiday and observanceIndependence Day (Tajikistan), celebrates the independence of Tajikistan from USSR in 1991.
103105September 9Holiday and observanceMartyrs' Day (Afghanistan) (date may fall on September 8, follows a non-Gregorian calendar)
103106September 9Holiday and observanceNational Steak Au Poivre Day (United States)
103107September 9Holiday and observanceRemembrance for Herman the Cheruscan (The Troth)
103108September 9Holiday and observanceWienerschnitzel Day (United States)
103109September 9Holiday and observanceWonderful Weirdos Day
103110September 10Event506 – The bishops of Visigothic Gaul meet in the Council of Agde.

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