Today in History, English
Today in History, English

103261September 10Birth1939 – David Stratton, English-Australian critic and television host
103262September 10Birth1940 – Roy Ayers, American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, vibraphonist, and producer
103263September 10Birth1940 – Buck Buchanan, American football player (d. 1992)
103264September 10Birth1940 – Bob Chance, American baseball player (d. 2013)
103265September 10Birth1941 – Stephen Jay Gould, American paleontologist, biologist, and author (d. 2002)
103266September 10Birth1941 – Christopher Hogwood, English harpsichord player and conductor, founded the Academy of Ancient Music (d. 2014)
103267September 10Birth1941 – Gunpei Yokoi, Japanese video game designer, invented Game Boy (d. 1997)
103268September 10Birth1942 – Danny Hutton, Irish-American singer (Three Dog Night)
103269September 10Birth1943 – Júnior, Filipino-Spanish singer and actor (d. 2014)
103270September 10Birth1943 – Daniel Truhitte, American actor and singer
103271September 10Birth1943 – Neale Donald Walsch, American author
103272September 10Birth1944 – Thomas Allen, English actor, singer, and academic
103273September 10Birth1945 – Dennis Burkley, American actor, director, and producer (d. 2013)
103274September 10Birth1945 – José Feliciano, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and guitarist
103275September 10Birth1945 – Gerard Henderson, Australian journalist and author
103276September 10Birth1945 – Mike Mullane, American colonel and astronaut
103277September 10Birth1946 – Michèle Alliot-Marie, French lawyer and politician, French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs
103278September 10Birth1946 – Jim Hines, American sprinter and football player
103279September 10Birth1946 – Patrick Norman, Canadian singer-songwriter
103280September 10Birth1946 – Don Powell, English drummer and songwriter (Slade)
103281September 10Birth1947 – David Pountney, English director and manager
103282September 10Birth1948 – Zhang Chengzhi, Chinese historian and author
103283September 10Birth1948 – Brian Donohoe, Scottish politician
103284September 10Birth1948 – Tony Gatlif, French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
103285September 10Birth1948 – Judy Geeson, English actress
103286September 10Birth1948 – Bob Lanier, American basketball player and coach
103287September 10Birth1948 – Margaret Trudeau, Canadian actress and talk show host, 12th Spouse of the Prime Minister of Canada
103288September 10Birth1948 – Charlie Waters, American football player, coach, and radio host
103289September 10Birth1949 – Babette Cole, English author and illustrator
103290September 10Birth1949 – Don Muraco, American wrestler and manager

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