Today in History, English
Today in History, English

103801September 11Birth1969 – Stefano Cagol, Italian photographer and director
103802September 11Birth1969 – Gidget Gein, American bass player (Marilyn Manson) (d. 2008)
103803September 11Birth1969 – Eduardo Pérez, American baseball player, manager, and sportscaster
103804September 11Birth1970 – Chris Garver, American tattoo artist
103805September 11Birth1970 – Taraji P. Henson, American actress and singer
103806September 11Birth1970 – William Joppy, American boxer and coach
103807September 11Birth1970 – Taja Kramberger, Slovenian sociologist and poet
103808September 11Birth1970 – Ted Leo, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Citizens Arrest, Chisel, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists)
103809September 11Birth1970 – Laura Wright, American actress
103810September 11Birth1971 – Richard Ashcroft, English singer-songwriter (The Verve and RPA & The United Nations of Sound)
103811September 11Birth1971 – Markos Moulitsas, American soldier, blogger, and author, founded Daily Kos
103812September 11Birth1971 – Shelton Quarles, American football player and scout
103813September 11Birth1972 – Matthew Gilmore, Belgian-Australian cyclist
103814September 11Birth1973 – In-Grid, Italian singer-songwriter and dancer
103815September 11Birth1974 – DeLisha Milton-Jones, American basketball player and coach
103816September 11Birth1975 – Juan Cobián, Argentinian footballer
103817September 11Birth1975 – Pierre Issa, South African footballer
103818September 11Birth1976 – Tomáš Enge, Czech race car driver
103819September 11Birth1976 – Murali Kartik, Indian cricketer
103820September 11Birth1976 – Elephant Man, Jamaican rapper and DJ
103821September 11Birth1976 – Flora Redoumi, Greek hurdler
103822September 11Birth1977 – Ludacris, American rapper, producer, and actor, founded Disturbing tha Peace Records
103823September 11Birth1977 – Jonny Buckland, English guitarist (Coldplay)
103824September 11Birth1977 – Matthew Stevens, Welsh snooker player
103825September 11Birth1977 – Tobias Zellner, German footballer
103826September 11Birth1978 – Ben Lee, Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (Noise Addict, The Bens, and Gerling)
103827September 11Birth1978 – Ed Reed, American football player
103828September 11Birth1978 – Dejan Stanković, Serbian footballer and manager
103829September 11Birth1979 – Éric Abidal, French footballer
103830September 11Birth1979 – Leon Cort, English footballer

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