Today in History, English
Today in History, English

104191September 12Birth1944 – Fred Fay, American activist (d. 2011)
104192September 12Birth1944 – Leonard Peltier, American activist
104193September 12Birth1944 – Vladimir Spivakov, Russian violinist and conductor
104194September 12Birth1944 – Barry White, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (d. 2003)
104195September 12Birth1944 – Colin Young, Barbadian-English singer (The Foundations)
104196September 12Birth1945 – Maria Aitken, Irish-English actress, director, and producer
104197September 12Birth1945 – David Garrick, English singer (d. 2013)
104198September 12Birth1945 – Milo Manara, Italian author and illustrator
104199September 12Birth1945 – John Mauceri, American conductor and producer
104200September 12Birth1946 – Tony Bellamy, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Redbone) (d. 2009)
104201September 12Birth1947 – Bjørn Floberg, Norwegian actor
104202September 12Birth1947 – David Grant, English engineer and academic
104203September 12Birth1947 – Gerald Howarth, English soldier, pilot, and politician, Minister for International Security Strategy
104204September 12Birth1948 – Luis Lima, Argentinian tenor
104205September 12Birth1948 – Steve Turre, American trombonist and educator
104206September 12Birth1948 – Max Walker, Australian cricketer, sportscaster, and architect
104207September 12Birth1949 – Charles Burlingame, American captain and pilot (d. 2001)
104208September 12Birth1949 – Irina Rodnina, Russian figure skater and politician
104209September 12Birth1950 – Marguerite Blais, Canadian journalist and politician
104210September 12Birth1950 – Gustav Brunner, Austrian engineer
104211September 12Birth1950 – Bruce Mahler, American actor and screenwriter
104212September 12Birth1950 – Mike Murphy, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
104213September 12Birth1950 – Cynthia Myers, American model and actress (d. 2011)
104214September 12Birth1951 – Bertie Ahern, Irish accountant and politician, 11th Taoiseach of Ireland
104215September 12Birth1951 – Norm Dubé, Canadian ice hockey player
104216September 12Birth1951 – Ray Gravell, Welsh rugby player and actor (d. 2007)
104217September 12Birth1951 – Joe Pantoliano, American actor and producer
104218September 12Birth1951 – Gerald Stano, American serial killer (d. 1998)
104219September 12Birth1951 – Ali-Ollie Woodson, American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and actor (The Temptations) (d. 2010)
104220September 12Birth1952 – Gerry Beckley, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (America)

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