Today in History, English
Today in History, English

104261September 12Birth1966 – Vezio Sacratini, Canadian ice hockey player
104262September 12Birth1967 – Louis C.K., American comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter
104263September 12Birth1967 – Pat Listach, American baseball player, coach, and manager
104264September 12Birth1968 – Larry LaLonde, American guitarist and songwriter (Primus, Possessed, and Blind Illusion)
104265September 12Birth1968 – Nicholas Russell, 6th Earl Russell, English politician (d. 2014)
104266September 12Birth1968 – Richard Snell, South African cricketer and physiotherapist
104267September 12Birth1968 – Paul F. Tompkins, American comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter
104268September 12Birth1969 – Max Boot, Russian-American historian and author
104269September 12Birth1969 – Ángel Cabrera, Argentinian golfer
104270September 12Birth1969 – James Frey, American author and screenwriter
104271September 12Birth1969 – Shigeki Maruyama, Japanese golfer
104272September 12Birth1970 – Josh Hopkins, American actor and singer
104273September 12Birth1970 – Nathan Larson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Shudder To Think, Hot One, and A Camp)
104274September 12Birth1971 – Younes El Aynaoui, Moroccan tennis player
104275September 12Birth1971 – Ahn Jae-wook, South Korean actor and singer
104276September 12Birth1972 – Gideon Emery, English-American actor, producer, and screenwriter
104277September 12Birth1972 – Paul Green, Australian rugby league player and coach
104278September 12Birth1972 – Sidney Souza, Brazilian footballer
104279September 12Birth1973 – Said Ali al-Shihri, Saudi Arabian terrorist (d. 2013)
104280September 12Birth1973 – Darren Campbell, English sprinter
104251September 12Birth1962 – Amy Yasbeck, American actress
104252September 12Birth1963 – Paul Bellini, Canadian actor and screenwriter
104253September 12Birth1964 – Simon Bowthorpe, English businessman
104254September 12Birth1964 – Greg Gutfeld, American journalist and author
104255September 12Birth1964 – Dieter Hecking, German footballer and manager
104256September 12Birth1965 – Einstein Kristiansen, Norwegian animator and producer
104257September 12Birth1965 – Vernon Maxwell, American basketball player
104258September 12Birth1965 – Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Turkish actor and director
104259September 12Birth1966 – Darren E. Burrows, American actor and director
104260September 12Birth1966 – Ben Folds, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Ben Folds Five, The Bens, Fear of Pop, and 8in8)

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