Today in History, English
Today in History, English

105331September 14Death2013 – Osama El-Baz, Egyptian soldier and diplomat (b. 1931)
105332September 14Death2013 – Faith Leech, Australian swimmer (b. 1941)
105333September 14Death2013 – Jorge Pedreros, Chilean actor and singer (b. 1942)
105334September 14Death2014 – Behrens, American race horse (b. 1994)
105335September 14Death2014 – Tony Auth, American illustrator (b. 1942)
105336September 14Death2014 – Peter Gutteridge, New Zealand singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Clean, The Chills, and Snapper) (b. 1961)
105337September 14Death2014 – Boris Khimichev, Ukrainian-Russian actor (b. 1933)
105338September 14Death2014 – Angus Lennie, Scottish-English actor (b. 1930)
105339September 14Death2014 – E. Jennifer Monaghan, English-American historian, author, and academic (b. 1933)
105340September 14Death2015 – Davey Browne, Australian boxer (b. 1986)
105341September 14Death2015 – Fred DeLuca, American businessman, co-founded Subway (b. 1947)
105342September 14Death2015 – Martin Kearns, English drummer (Bolt Thrower) (b. 1977)
105343September 14Death2015 – Corneliu Vadim Tudor, Romanian journalist and politician (b. 1949)
105344September 14Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Aelia Flaccilla (Eastern Orthodox Church)Crescentius of RomeFeast of the Cross (Christianity)Elevation of the Holy Cross (Eastern Orthodox)Formerly, the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday following 14 September were observed as one of the
105345September 14Holiday and observanceChildren's Day (Nepal) (celebrated on the 15th on leap years)
105346September 14Holiday and observanceEngineer's Day (Romania)
105347September 14Holiday and observanceHindi Diwas (Hindi-speaking regions)
105348September 14Holiday and observanceMobilized Servicemen Day (Ukraine)
105349September 14Holiday and observanceNational Eat a Hoagie Day (United States)
105350September 14Holiday and observanceSan Jacinto Day (Nicaragua)
105351September 15Event668 – Eastern Roman Emperor Constans II is assassinated in his bath at Syracuse, Italy.
105352September 15Event921 – At Tetin, Saint Ludmila is murdered at the command of her daughter-in-law.
105353September 15Event994 – Major Fatimid victory over the Byzantine Empire at the Battle of the Orontes.
105354September 15Event1440 – Gilles de Rais, one of the earliest known serial killers, is taken into custody upon an accusation brought against him by the Jean de Malestroit, Bishop of Nantes.
105355September 15Event1556 – Departing from Vlissingen, ex-Holy Roman Emperor Charles V returns to Spain.
105356September 15Event1616 – The first non-aristocratic, free public school in Europe is opened in Frascati, Italy.
105357September 15Event1762 – Seven Years' War: Battle of Signal Hill.
105358September 15Event1776 – American Revolutionary War: British forces land at Kip's Bay during the New York Campaign.
105359September 15Event1789 – The United States "Department of Foreign Affairs", established by law in July, is renamed the Department of State and given a variety of domestic duties.
105360September 15Event1812 – The French army under Napoleon reaches the Kremlin in Moscow.

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