Today in History, English
Today in History, English

124381October 31Birth1947 – Deidre Hall, American actress
124382October 31Birth1947 – Frank Shorter, American runner and sportscaster
124383October 31Birth1947 – Herman Van Rompuy, Belgian academic and politician, 66th Prime Minister of Belgium
124384October 31Birth1948 – Michael Kitchen, English actor and producer
124385October 31Birth1949 – Mart Helme, Estonian journalist and diplomat
124386October 31Birth1949 – Bob Siebenberg, American drummer (Supertramp and Bees Make Honey)
124387October 31Birth1949 – Alison Wolf, English economist and academic
124388October 31Birth1950 – John Candy, Canadian actor, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1994)
124389October 31Birth1950 – Zaha Hadid, Iraqi-English architect and academic, designed the Bridge Pavilion
124390October 31Birth1950 – Jane Pauley, American journalist
124391October 31Birth1950 – Antonio Taguba, Filipino-American general
124392October 31Birth1951 – Nick Saban, American football player and coach
124393October 31Birth1951 – Dave Trembley, American baseball player, coach, and manager
124394October 31Birth1952 – Bernard Edwards, American bass player and producer (Chic and The Power Station) (d. 1996)
124395October 31Birth1952 – Joe West, American baseball umpire and actor
124396October 31Birth1953 – Michael J. Anderson, American actor
124397October 31Birth1953 – Lynda Goodfriend, American actress
124398October 31Birth1953 – John Lucas II, American basketball player and coach
124399October 31Birth1954 – Mari Okamoto, Japanese actress
124400October 31Birth1954 – Ken Wahl, American actor and screenwriter
124401October 31Birth1955 – Michalis Chrisochoidis, Greek lawyer and politician, Greek Minister of Public Order
124402October 31Birth1955 – Eduardo V. Manalo, Filipino religious leader
124403October 31Birth1955 – Susan Orlean, American journalist and author
124404October 31Birth1956 – Bruce Bawer, American poet and critic
124405October 31Birth1956 – Christopher de Leon, Filipino actor, director, producer, and politician
124406October 31Birth1956 – Anders Lago, Swedish lawyer and politician
124407October 31Birth1956 – Roberto Malone, Italian porn actor and director
124408October 31Birth1956 – Charles Moore, English journalist and author
124409October 31Birth1957 – Brian Stokes Mitchell, American singer and actor
124410October 31Birth1957 – Shirley Phelps-Roper, American lawyer and activist

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