Today in History, English
Today in History, English

126211November 4Death2012 – Frances Hashimoto, American businesswoman (b. 1943)
126212November 4Death2012 – David Resnick, Brazilian-Israeli architect, designed Yad Kennedy (b. 1924)
126213November 4Death2013 – Viktor Dolnik, Russian ornithologist and author (b. 1938)
126214November 4Death2013 – John D. Hawk, American sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1924)
126215November 4Death2013 – Leonid Stolovich, Russian-Estonian philosopher and academic (b. 1929)
126216November 4Death2013 – Georg Wahl, German horse rider and coach (b. 1920)
126217November 4Death2013 – Ray Willsey, Canadian-American football player and coach (b. 1928)
126218November 4Death2014 – Enrique Olivera, Argentinian lawyer and politician, 2nd Chief of Government of the City of Buenos Aires (b. 1940)
126219November 4Death2014 – Richard Schaal, American actor and screenwriter (b. 1928)
126220November 4Death2014 – George Edgar Slusser, American author and academic (b. 1939)
126221November 4Death2014 – S. Donald Stookey, American physicist and chemist, invented CorningWare (b. 1915)
126222November 4Death2014 – Eddie Stuart, South African-Welsh footballer and manager (b. 1931)
126223November 4Death2015 – Piotr Domaradzki, Polish-American historian and journalist (b. 1946)
126224November 4Death2015 – René Girard, French-American historian, philosopher, and critic (b. 1923)
126225November 4Death2015 – Melissa Mathison, American screenwriter and producer (b. 1950)
126226November 4Death2015 – Lee Robinson, American lawyer and politician (b. 1943)
126227November 4Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Blessed Teresa ManganielloCharles Borromeo (Roman Catholic Church)Emeric of HungaryOur Lady of Kazan (Russian Orthodox Church)Vitalis and Agricola (Roman Catholic Church)November 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
126228November 4Holiday and observanceCommunity Service Day (Dominica)
126229November 4Holiday and observanceDay of Love (Egypt) (1970s)
126230November 4Holiday and observanceFeast of Qudrat (Power), first day of the month of Qudrat of the Bahá'í calendar (Bahá'í Faith)
126231November 4Holiday and observanceFlag Day (Panama)
126232November 4Holiday and observanceNational Tonga Day (Tonga)
126233November 4Holiday and observanceNational Unity and Armed Forces Day or Giorno dell'Unità Nazionale e Festa delle Forze Armate (Italy)
126234November 4Holiday and observanceUnity Day (Russia)
126235November 4Holiday and observanceYitzhak Rabin Memorial (unofficial, but widely commemorated)
126236November 5Event1138 – Lý Anh Tông is enthroned as emperor of Vietnam at the age of two, beginning a 37-year reign.
126237November 5Event1499 – Publication of the Catholicon in Tréguier (Brittany). This Breton-French-Latin dictionary was written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc. It is the first Breton dictionary as well as the first French dictionary.
126238November 5Event1530 – The St. Felix's Flood destroys the city of Reimerswaal in the Netherlands.
126239November 5Event1605 – Gunpowder Plot: Guy Fawkes is arrested.
126240November 5Event1688 – William III of England lands with a Dutch fleet at Brixham.

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