Today in History, English
Today in History, English

12640January 31Death2014 – Christopher Jones, American actor (b. 1941)
12641January 31Death2015 – Tomás Bulat, Argentinian economist, journalist, and academic (b. 1964)
12642January 31Death2015 – Vic Howe, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1929)
12643January 31Death2015 – William Klinger, Croatian historian and author (b. 1972)
12644January 31Death2015 – Lizabeth Scott, American actress (b. 1922)
12645January 31Death2015 – Richard von Weizsäcker, German politician 6th President of Germany (b. 1920)
12646January 31Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Blessed LudovicaGeminianusJohn BoscoMarcellaSamuel Shoemaker (Episcopal Church (USA))January 31 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
12647January 31Holiday and observanceIndependence Day (Nauru), celebrates independence from Australia in 1968.
12648February 1Event481 – Vandal king Huneric organises a conference between Catholic and Arian bishops at Carthage.
12649February 1Event1327 – Teenaged Edward III is crowned King of England, but the country is ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.
12650February 1Event1329 – King John of Bohemia captures Medvėgalis, an important fortress of the pagan Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and baptizes 6,000 of its defenders
12651February 1Event1411 – The First Peace of Thorn is signed in Thorn, Monastic State of the Teutonic Knights (Prussia).
12652February 1Event1662 – The Chinese general Koxinga seizes the island of Taiwan after a nine-month siege.
12653February 1Event1713 – The Kalabalik or Tumult in Bendery results from the Ottoman sultan's order that his unwelcome guest, King Charles XII of Sweden, be seized.
12654February 1Event1793 – French Revolutionary Wars: France declares war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
12655February 1Event1796 – The capital of Upper Canada is moved from Newark to York.
12656February 1Event1814 – Mayon Volcano in the Philippines erupts, killing around 1,200 people, the most devastating eruption of the volcano.
12657February 1Event1835 – Slavery is abolished in Mauritius.
12658February 1Event1861 – American Civil War: Texas secedes from the United States.
12659February 1Event1865 – President Abraham Lincoln signs the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
12660February 1Event1876 – A murder conviction effectively forces the violent Pennsylvanian Irish anti-owner coal miners, the "Molly Maguires", to disband.
12631January 31Death2013 – Caleb Moore, American snowmobile racer (b. 1987)
12632January 31Death2013 – Tony Pierce, American baseball player (b. 1946)
12633January 31Death2013 – Ingo Swann, American psychic and author (b. 1933)
12634January 31Death2013 – Shail Upadhya Nepalese diplomat, United Nations disarmament expert and "one of a kind" fashion designer (b. 1936 0r 1937)
12635January 31Death2014 – Francis M. Fesmire, American cardiologist and physician (b. 1959)
12636January 31Death2014 – Anna Gordy Gaye, American songwriter and producer co-founded Anna Records (b. 1922)
12637January 31Death2014 – Abdirizak Haji Hussein, Somalian politician 4th Prime Minister of Somalia (b. 1924)
12638January 31Death2014 – Miklós Jancsó, Hungarian director and screenwriter (b. 1921)
12639January 31Death2014 – Joseph Willcox Jenkins, American composer, conductor, and educator (b. 1928)

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