Today in History, English
Today in History, English

126961November 7Event1619 – Elizabeth Stuart is crowned Queen of Bohemia.
126962November 7Event1665 – The London Gazette, the oldest surviving journal, is first published.
126963November 7Event1775 – John Murray, the Royal Governor of the Colony of Virginia, starts the first mass emancipation of slaves in North America by issuing Lord Dunmore's Offer of Emancipation, which offers freedom to slaves who abandoned their colonial masters in order t
126964November 7Event1786 – The oldest musical organization in the United States is founded as the Stoughton Musical Society.
126965November 7Event1811 – Tecumseh's War: The Battle of Tippecanoe is fought near present-day Battle Ground, Indiana, United States.
126966November 7Event1837 – In Alton, Illinois, abolitionist printer Elijah P. Lovejoy is shot dead by a mob while attempting to protect his printing shop from being destroyed a third time.
126967November 7Event1861 – American Civil War: Battle of Belmont: In Belmont, Missouri, Union forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant overrun a Confederate camp but are forced to retreat when Confederate reinforcements arrive.
126968November 7Event1874 – A cartoon by Thomas Nast in Harper's Weekly, is considered the first important use of an elephant as a symbol for the United States Republican Party.
126969November 7Event1885 – The completion of Canada's first transcontinental railway is symbolized by the Last Spike ceremony at Craigellachie, British Columbia.
126970November 7Event1893 – Women's suffrage: Women in the U.S. state of Colorado are granted the right to vote, the second state to do so.
126971November 7Event1900 – Battle of Leliefontein, a battle during which the Royal Canadian Dragoons win three Victoria Crosses.
126972November 7Event1900 – The People's Party is founded in Cuba.
126973November 7Event1907 – Delta Sigma Pi is founded at New York University.
126974November 7Event1907 – Jesús García saves the entire town of Nacozari de García by driving a burning train full of dynamite six kilometers (3.7 miles) away before it can explode.
126975November 7Event1908 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are reportedly killed in San Vicente, Bolivia.
126976November 7Event1910 – The first air freight shipment (from Dayton, Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio) is undertaken by the Wright brothers and department store owner Max Moorehouse.
126977November 7Event1912 – The Deutsche Opernhaus (now Deutsche Oper Berlin) opens in the Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenburg, with a production of Beethoven's Fidelio.
126978November 7Event1913 – The first day of the Great Lakes Storm of 1913, a massive blizzard that ultimately killed 250 and caused over $5 million (about $118,098,000 in 2013 dollars) damage. Winds reach hurricane force on this date.
126979November 7Event1914 – The first issue of The New Republic magazine is published.
126980November 7Event1914 – The German colony of Kiaochow Bay and its centre at Tsingtao are captured by Japanese forces.
126981November 7Event1916 – Jeannette Rankin is the first woman elected to the United States Congress.
126982November 7Event1917 – The Gregorian calendar date of the October Revolution, which gets its name from the Julian calendar date of 25 October. On this date in 1917, the Bolsheviks storm the Winter Palace.
126983November 7Event1917 – World War I: Third Battle of Gaza ends: British forces capture Gaza from the Ottoman Empire.
126984November 7Event1918 – The 1918 influenza epidemic spreads to Western Samoa, killing 7,542 (about 20% of the population) by the end of the year.
126985November 7Event1918 – Kurt Eisner overthrows the Wittelsbach dynasty in the Kingdom of Bavaria.
126986November 7Event1919 – The first Palmer Raid is conducted on the second anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Over 10,000 suspected communists and anarchists are arrested in twenty-three different U.S. cities.
126987November 7Event1920 – Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow issues a decree that leads to the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.
126988November 7Event1929 – In New York City, the Museum of Modern Art opens to the public.
126989November 7Event1931 – The Chinese Soviet Republic is proclaimed on the anniversary of the October Revolution.
126990November 7Event1933 – Fiorello H. La Guardia is elected the 99th mayor of New York City.

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