Today in History, English
Today in History, English

128131November 9Death2012 – Milan Čič, Slovak lawyer and politician, 5th Prime Minister of the Slovak Socialist Republic (b. 1932)
128132November 9Death2012 – Joseph D. Early, American soldier and politician (b. 1933)
128133November 9Death2012 – Major Harris, American singer (The Delfonics) (b. 1947)
128134November 9Death2012 – Bobbi Jordan, American actress (b. 1937)
128135November 9Death2012 – Sergey Nikolsky, Russian mathematician and academic (b. 1905)
128136November 9Death2012 – Pat Renella, American actor (b. 1929)
128137November 9Death2012 – James L. Stone, American colonel, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1922)
128138November 9Death2012 – Bill Tarmey, English actor and singer (b. 1941)
128139November 9Death2013 – Savaş Ay, Turkish newspaper and television journalist (b. 1954)
128140November 9Death2013 – Helen Eadie, Scottish politician (b. 1947)
128141November 9Death2013 – Grethe Rytter Hasle, Norwegian biologist and academic (b. 1920)
128142November 9Death2013 – Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, American saxophonist (b. 1936)
128143November 9Death2013 – Steve Prescott, English rugby player (b. 1973)
128144November 9Death2013 – Emile Zuckerkandl, Austrian-American biologist and academic (b. 1922)
128145November 9Death2014 – Rubén Alvarez, Argentinian golfer (b. 1961)
128146November 9Death2014 – Saud bin Muhammed Al Thani, Qatari prince (b. 1966)
128147November 9Death2014 – Nikola Simić, Serbian actor (b. 1934)
128148November 9Death2014 – R. A. Montgomery, American author and publisher (b. 1936)
128149November 9Death2014 – Myles Munroe, Bahamian pastor and author (b. 1954)
128150November 9Death2014 – Orlando Thomas, American football player (b. 1972)
128151November 9Death2014 – Joe Walsh, Irish politician, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine (b. 1943)
128152November 9Holiday and observanceBirthday of Muhammad Iqbal (Pakistan)
128153November 9Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Dedication of the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, Cathedral of the Pope (memorial feast day)Theodore of Amasea (Roman Catholic Church)VitonusBenignus of ArmaghMargery Kempe (Church of England)Martin Chemnitz (Lutheran)November 9 (Eas
128154November 9Holiday and observanceDay of the Skulls (Dia de los ñatitas) (Bolivia)
128155November 9Holiday and observanceIndependence Day (Cambodia), celebrates the independence of Cambodia from France in 1953.
128156November 9Holiday and observanceInventors' Day (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
128157November 9Holiday and observanceSchicksalstag (Germany)
128158November 9Holiday and observanceWorld Freedom Day (United States)
128159November 9Holiday and observanceNational Flag Day (Azerbaijan)
128160November 10Event1202 – Fourth Crusade: Despite letters from Pope Innocent III forbidding it and threatening excommunication, Catholic crusaders begin a siege of the Catholic city of Zara (now Zadar, Croatia).

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