Today in History, English
Today in History, English

129271November 12Death2007 – K. C. Ibrahim, Indian cricketer (b. 1919)
129272November 12Death2007 – Ira Levin, American author and playwright (b. 1929)
129273November 12Death2008 – Mitch Mitchell, English drummer (The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Riot Squad, The Dirty Mac, and Ramatam) (b. 1947)
129274November 12Death2010 – Henryk Górecki, Polish composer (b. 1933)
129275November 12Death2012 – Sergio Oliva, Cuban-American bodybuilder (b. 1941)
129276November 12Death2012 – Daniel Stern, American psychologist and theorist (b. 1934)
129277November 12Death2013 – Erik Dyreborg, Danish footballer (b. 1940)
129278November 12Death2013 – Konrad Rudnicki, Polish astronomer and academic (b. 1926)
129279November 12Death2013 – Al Ruscio, American actor (b. 1924)
129280November 12Death2013 – Aleksandr Serebrov, Russian engineer and astronaut (b. 1944)
129281November 12Death2013 – John Tavener, English composer (b. 1944)
129282November 12Death2013 – Kurt Trampedach, Danish painter and sculptor (b. 1943)
129283November 12Death2014 – Ravi Chopra, Indian director and producer (b. 1946)
129284November 12Death2014 – Warren Clarke, English actor, director, and producer (b. 1947)
129285November 12Death2014 – Valery Senderov, Russian mathematician and educator (b. 1945)
129286November 12Holiday and observanceBirth of Bahá'u'lláh, celebration started at sunset the day before. (Bahá'í Faith)
129287November 12Holiday and observanceBirth of Sun Yat-Sen, also Doctors' Day and Cultural Renaissance Day. (Republic of China)
129288November 12Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Agostina Livia PietrantoniArsatiusCumméne FotaEmilian of CogollaJosaphat Kuntsevych (Romanian Greek Catholic Church)Nilus of SinaiPatiensNovember 12 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
129289November 12Holiday and observanceConstitution Day (Azerbaijan)
129290November 12Holiday and observanceNational Youth Day (East Timor)
129291November 12Holiday and observanceWorld Pneumonia Day (International)
129292November 13Event1002 – English king Æthelred II orders the killing of all Danes in England, known today as the St. Brice's Day massacre.
129293November 13Event1160 – Louis VII of France marries Adela of Champagne.
129294November 13Event1553 – Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer and four others, including Lady Jane Grey, are accused of high treason and sentenced to death under Catholic Queen "Bloody" Mary I.
129295November 13Event1642 – First English Civil War: Battle of Turnham Green: The Royalist forces withdraw in the face of the Parliamentarian army and fail to take London.
129296November 13Event1775 – American Revolutionary War: Patriot revolutionary forces under Gen. Richard Montgomery occupy Montreal.
129297November 13Event1841 – James Braid first sees a demonstration of animal magnetism, which leads to his study of the subject he eventually calls hypnotism.
129298November 13Event1851 – The Denny Party lands at Alki Point, before moving to the other side of Elliott Bay to what would become Seattle.
129299November 13Event1864 – The new Constitution of Greece is adopted.
129300November 13Event1887 – Bloody Sunday clashes in central London.

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