Today in History, English
Today in History, English

130291November 15Death2003 – Laurence Tisch, American businessman, co-founded the Loews Corporation (b. 1923)
130292November 15Death2004 – Elmer L. Andersen, American businessman and politician, 30th Governor of Minnesota (b. 1909)
130293November 15Death2006 – David K. Wyatt, American historian and author (b. 1937)
130294November 15Death2006 – Ana Carolina Reston, Brazilian model (b. 1985)
130295November 15Death2008 – Grace Hartigan, American painter (b. 1922)
130296November 15Death2009 – Patriarch Pavle of Serbia (b. 1914)
130297November 15Death2010 – Larry Evans, American chess player and journalist (b. 1932)
130298November 15Death2012 – Théophile Abega, Cameroonian footballer and politician (b. 1954)
130299November 15Death2012 – K. C. Pant, Indian politician, 18th Indian Minister of Defence (b. 1931)
130300November 15Death2012 – Frode Thingnæs, Norwegian trombonist, composer, and conductor (b. 1940)
130301November 15Death2013 – Karla Álvarez, Mexican actress (b. 1972)
130302November 15Death2013 – Glafcos Clerides, Cypriot lawyer and politician, 4th President of Cyprus (b. 1919)
130303November 15Death2013 – Raimondo D'Inzeo, Italian horse rider (b. 1925)
130304November 15Death2014 – Lucien Clergue, French photographer (b. 1934)
130305November 15Death2014 – Leslie Feinberg, American activist and author (b. 1949)
130306November 15Death2014 – Valéry Mézague, Cameroonian footballer (b. 1983)
130307November 15Holiday and observanceAmerica Recycles Day (United States)
130308November 15Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Abibus of EdessaAlbert the GreatBlessed Caius of KoreaBlessed Hugh FaringdonDidier of CahorsFrancis Asbury and George Whitefield (Episcopal Church)Leopold III, a public holiday in Lower Austria and Vienna.MaloMechellRoque González de S
130309November 15Holiday and observanceDay of the German-speaking Community of Belgium (German-speaking Community of Belgium)
130310November 15Holiday and observanceEarliest day on which Beaujolais Day can fall, while November 21 is the latest observed on the third Thursday in November (International)
130311November 15Holiday and observanceEarliest day on which Day of the Revolution can fall, while November 21 is the latest celebrated on the third Monday in November (Mexico)
130312November 15Holiday and observanceEarliest day on which Great American Smokeout can fall, while November 21 is the latest celebrated on the third Thursday in November (United States)
130313November 15Holiday and observanceIndependence Day, unilaterally declared in 1988. (Palestine)
130314November 15Holiday and observanceKing's Feast (Belgium)
130315November 15Holiday and observancePeace Day (Ivory Coast)
130316November 15Holiday and observanceRepublic Proclamation Day (Brazil)
130317November 15Holiday and observanceShichi-Go-San (Japan)
130318November 15Holiday and observanceThe beginning of Winter Lent (Eastern Orthodox)
130319November 15Holiday and observanceTree Planting Day (Sri Lanka)
130320November 16Event1272 – While travelling during the Ninth Crusade, Prince Edward becomes King of England upon Henry III of England's death, but he will not return to England for nearly two years to assume the throne.

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