Today in History, English
Today in History, English

13051February 2Event1971 – Idi Amin replaces President Milton Obote as leader of Uganda.
13052February 2Event1971 – The international Ramsar Convention for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands is signed in Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran.
13053February 2Event1972 – The British embassy in Dublin is destroyed in protest at Bloody Sunday.
13054February 2Event1976 – The Groundhog Day gale hits the north-eastern United States and south-eastern Canada.
13055February 2Event1980 – Reports surface that the FBI is targeting allegedly corrupt Congressmen in the Abscam operation.
13056February 2Event1982 – 1982 Hama massacre: the government of Syria attacks the town of Hama.
13057February 2Event1987 – After the 1986 People Power Revolution, the Philippines enacts a new constitution.
13058February 2Event1988 – Auntie Anne's is founded by Anne F. Beiler in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
13059February 2Event1989 – Soviet war in Afghanistan: The last Soviet armoured column leaves Kabul.
13060February 2Event1990 – Apartheid: F. W. de Klerk announces the unbanning of the African National Congress and promises to release Nelson Mandela.
13061February 2Event2000 – First digital cinema projection in Europe (Paris) realized by Philippe Binant with the DLP CINEMA technology developed by Texas Instruments.
13062February 2Event2004 – Swiss tennis player Roger Federer becomes the No. 1 ranked men's singles player, a position he will hold for a record 237 weeks.
13063February 2Event2007 – The worst flooding in Indonesia in 300 years begins.
13064February 2Event2012 – The ferry MV Rabaul Queen sinks off the coast of Papua New Guinea near the Finschhafen District, with an estimated 300 people missing.
13065February 2Birth1208 – James I of Aragon (d. 1276)
13066February 2Birth1455 – John, King of Denmark (d. 1513)
13067February 2Birth1457 – Peter Martyr d'Anghiera, Italian-Spanish historian and author (d. 1526)
13068February 2Birth1494 – Bona Sforza, Italian wife of Sigismund I the Old (d. 1557)
13069February 2Birth1502 – Damião de Góis, Portuguese philosopher and historian (d. 1574)
13070February 2Birth1506 – René de Birague, Italian-French cardinal and politician (d. 1583)
13071February 2Birth1522 – Lodovico Ferrari, Italian mathematician and academic (d. 1565)
13072February 2Birth1600 – Gabriel Naudé, French librarian and scholar (d. 1653)
13073February 2Birth1613 – Noël Chabanel, French missionary and saint (d. 1649)
13074February 2Birth1621 – Johannes Schefferus, Swedish author and hymn-writer (d. 1679)
13075February 2Birth1650 – Pope Benedict XIII (d. 1730)
13076February 2Birth1650 – Nell Gwyn, English actress (d. 1687)
13077February 2Birth1669 – Louis Marchand, French organist and composer (d. 1732)
13078February 2Birth1677 – Jean-Baptiste Morin, French composer (d. 1745)
13079February 2Birth1695 – William Borlase, English geologist and archaeologist (d. 1772)
13080February 2Birth1695 – François de Chevert, French general (d. 1769)

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