Today in History, English
Today in History, English

130861November 17Birth1960 – Jonathan Ross, English actor and talk show host
130862November 17Birth1960 – Mandy Yachad, South African cricketer and field hockey player
130863November 17Birth1961 – Robert Stethem, American soldier (d. 1985)
130864November 17Birth1961 – Pat Toomey, American businessman and politician
130865November 17Birth1962 – Dédé Fortin, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Les Colocs) (d. 2000)
130866November 17Birth1963 – Randy Black, Canadian drummer (Annihilator and Primal Fear)
130867November 17Birth1964 – Ralph Garman, American actor and radio host
130868November 17Birth1964 – Susan Rice, American academic and politician, 24th United States National Security Advisor
130869November 17Birth1964 – Mitch Williams, American baseball player and sportscaster
130870November 17Birth1965 – Amanda Brown, Australian violinist and composer (The Go-Betweens)
130871November 17Birth1966 – Alvin Patrimonio, Filipino basketball player
130872November 17Birth1966 – Ben Allison, American bassist and composer
130873November 17Birth1966 – Jeff Buckley, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Gods and Monsters) (d. 1997)
130874November 17Birth1966 – Kate Ceberano, Australian singer-songwriter and actress (I'm Talking)
130875November 17Birth1966 – Richard Fortus, American guitarist (Guns N' Roses and Love Spit Love)
130876November 17Birth1966 – Daisy Fuentes, Cuban-American model and actress
130877November 17Birth1966 – Sophie Marceau, French actress, director, and screenwriter
130878November 17Birth1967 – Tab Benoit, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
130879November 17Birth1967 – Ronnie DeVoe, American singer, producer, and actor (New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe)
130880November 17Birth1968 – Sean Miller, American basketball player and coach
130881November 17Birth1969 – Ryōtarō Okiayu, Japanese voice actor
130882November 17Birth1969 – Jean-Michel Saive, Belgian table tennis player
130883November 17Birth1969 – Rebecca Walker, American author
130884November 17Birth1970 – Paul Allender, English guitarist and songwriter (Cradle of Filth and The Blood Divine)
130885November 17Birth1970 – Wendy Piatt, English businesswoman
130886November 17Birth1972 – Kimya Dawson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Moldy Peaches)
130887November 17Birth1972 – Joanne Goode, English badminton player
130888November 17Birth1972 – Lorraine Pascale, English model and chef
130889November 17Birth1972 – Leonard Roberts, American actor
130890November 17Birth1973 – Andreas Hedlund, Swedish singer-songwriter and producer (Vintersorg, Borknagar, Cronian, Fission, Waterclime, and Otyg)

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