Today in History, English
Today in History, English

131791November 20Event1968 – A total of 78 miners are killed in an explosion at the Consolidated Coal Company’s No. 9 mine in Farmington, West Virginia in the Farmington Mine disaster
131792November 20Event1969 – Vietnam War: The Plain Dealer publishes explicit photographs of dead villagers from the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam.
131793November 20Event1969 – Occupation of Alcatraz: Native American activists seize control of Alcatraz Island until being ousted by the U.S. Government on June 11, 1971.
131794November 20Event1974 – The United States Department of Justice files its final anti-trust suit against AT&T Corporation. This suit later leads to the breakup of AT&T and its Bell System.
131795November 20Event1977 – Egyptian President Anwar Sadat becomes the first Arab leader to officially visit Israel, when he meets Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin and speaks before the Knesset in Jerusalem, seeking a permanent peace settlement.
131796November 20Event1979 – Grand Mosque Seizure: About 200 Sunni Muslims revolt in Saudi Arabia at the site of the Kaaba in Mecca during the pilgrimage and take about 6000 hostages. The Saudi government receives help from Pakistani special forces to put down the uprising.
131797November 20Event1980 – Lake Peigneur drains into an underlying salt deposit. A misplaced Texaco oil probe had been drilled into the Diamond Crystal Salt Mine, causing water to flow down into the mine, eroding the edges of the hole.
131798November 20Event1982 – The General Union of Ecuadorian Workers (UGTE) is founded.
131799November 20Event1985 – Microsoft Windows 1.0 is released.
131800November 20Event1989 – Velvet Revolution: The number of protesters assembled in Prague, Czechoslovakia swells from 200,000 the day before to an estimated half-million.
131801November 20Event1991 – An Azerbaijani MI-8 helicopter carrying 19 peacekeeping mission team with officials and journalists from Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan is shot down by Armenian military forces in Khojavend District of Azerbaijan.
131802November 20Event1992 – In England, a fire breaks out in Windsor Castle, badly damaging the castle and causing over £50 million worth of damage.
131803November 20Event1993 – Savings and loan crisis: The United States Senate Ethics Committee issues a stern censure of California senator Alan Cranston for his "dealings" with savings-and-loan executive Charles Keating.
131804November 20Event1994 – The Angolan government and UNITA rebels sign the Lusaka Protocol in Zambia, ending 19 years of civil war. (Localized fighting resumes the next year.)
131805November 20Event1998 – A court in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan declares accused terrorist Osama bin Laden "a man without a sin" in regard to the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.
131806November 20Event1998 – The first module of the International Space Station, Zarya, is launched.
131807November 20Event2001 – In Washington, D.C., U.S. President George W. Bush dedicates the United States Department of Justice headquarters building as the Robert F. Kennedy Justice Building, honoring the late Robert F. Kennedy on what would have been his 76th birthday.
131808November 20Event2003 – After the November 15 bombings, a second day of the 2003 Istanbul bombings occurs in Istanbul, Turkey, destroying the Turkish head office of HSBC Bank AS and the British consulate.
131809November 20Event2008 – After critical failures in the US financial system began to build up after mid-September, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaches its lowest level since 1997.
131810November 20Birth270 – Maximinus II, Roman emperor (d. 313)
131811November 20Birth1602 – Otto von Guericke, German physicist and politician (d. 1686)
131812November 20Birth1620 – Avvakum, Russian priest and saint (d. 1682)
131813November 20Birth1625 – Paulus Potter, Dutch painter (d. 1654)
131814November 20Birth1660 – Daniel Ernst Jablonski, Czech-German theologian and reformer (d. 1741)
131815November 20Birth1750 – Tipu Sultan, Indian ruler (d. 1799)
131816November 20Birth1761 – Pope Pius VIII (d. 1830)
131817November 20Birth1765 – Thomas Fremantle, English admiral and politician (d. 1819)
131818November 20Birth1781 – Karl Friedrich Eichhorn, German captain and jurist (d. 1854)
131819November 20Birth1813 – Franc Miklošič, Slovenian linguist and philologist (d. 1891)
131820November 20Birth1839 – Christian Wilberg, German painter and illustrator (d. 1882)

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