Today in History, English
Today in History, English

133321November 24Event1917 – In Milwaukee, nine members of the Milwaukee Police Department are killed by a bomb, the most deaths in a single event in U.S. police history until the September 11 attacks in 2001.
133322November 24Event1922 – Nine Irish Republican Army members are executed by an Irish Free State firing squad. Among them is author Robert Erskine Childers, who had been arrested for illegally carrying a revolver.
133323November 24Event1932 – In Washington, D.C., the FBI Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory (better known as the FBI Crime Lab) officially opens.
133324November 24Event1935 – The Senegalese Socialist Party holds its second congress.
133325November 24Event1940 – World War II: The First Slovak Republic becomes a signatory to the Tripartite Pact, officially joining the Axis powers.
133326November 24Event1941 – World War II: The United States grants Lend-Lease to the Free French Forces.
133327November 24Event1943 – World War II: The USS Liscome Bay is torpedoed near Tarawa and sinks, killing 650 men.
133328November 24Event1944 – World War II: Bombing of Tokyo: The first bombing raid against the Japanese capital from the east and by land is carried out by 88 American aircraft.
133329November 24Event1950 – The "Storm of the Century", a violent snowstorm, takes shape on this date before paralyzing the northeastern United States and the Appalachians the next day, bringing winds up to 100 mph and sub-zero temperatures. Pickens, West Virginia, records 57
133330November 24Event1962 – The West Berlin branch of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany forms a separate party, the Socialist Unity Party of West Berlin.
133331November 24Event1962 – The influential British satirical television programme That Was the Week That Was is first broadcast.
133332November 24Event1963 – In the first live, televised murder, Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President John F. Kennedy, is murdered two days after the assassination, by Jack Ruby in the basement of Dallas police department headquarters.
133333November 24Event1965 – Joseph-Désiré Mobutu seizes power in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and becomes President he rules the country (which he renames Zaire in 1971) for over 30 years, until being overthrown by rebels in 1997.
133334November 24Event1966 – Bulgarian TABSO Flight 101 crashes near Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, killing all 82 people on board.
133335November 24Event1969 – Apollo program: The Apollo 12 command module splashes down safely in the Pacific Ocean, ending the second manned mission to land on the Moon.
133336November 24Event1971 – During a severe thunderstorm over Washington state, a hijacker calling himself Dan Cooper (aka D. B. Cooper) parachutes from a Northwest Orient Airlines plane with $200,000 in ransom money. He has never been found.
133337November 24Event1973 – A national speed limit is imposed on the Autobahn in Germany because of the 1973 oil crisis. The speed limit lasts only four months.
133338November 24Event1974 – Donald Johanson and Tom Gray discover the 40% complete Australopithecus afarensis skeleton, nicknamed "Lucy" (after The Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"), in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia's Afar Depression.
133339November 24Event1976 – The Çaldıran-Muradiye earthquake in eastern Turkey kills between 4,000 and 5,000 people.
133340November 24Event2012 – A fire at a clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, kills at least 112 people.
133341November 24Event2013 – Iran signs an interim agreement with the P5+1 countries, limiting its nuclear program in exchange for reduced sanctions.
133342November 24Birth1273 – Alphonso, Earl of Chester (d. 1284)
133343November 24Birth1394 – Charles, Duke of Orléans (d. 1465)
133344November 24Birth1420 – John Stafford, 1st Earl of Wiltshire, English knight (d. 1473)
133345November 24Birth1583 – Juan Martínez de Jáuregui y Aguilar, Spanish poet and painter (d. 1641)
133346November 24Birth1594 – Henry Grey, 10th Earl of Kent, English politician (d. 1651)
133347November 24Birth1615 – Philip William, Elector Palatine, German son of Magdalene of Bavaria (d. 1690)
133348November 24Birth1630 – Étienne Baluze, French scholar and academic (d. 1718)
133349November 24Birth1632 – Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher and scholar (d. 1677)
133350November 24Birth1655 – Charles XI of Sweden (d. 1697)

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