Today in History, English
Today in History, English

14011February 4Death1995 – Godfrey Brown, Indian-English runner and educator (b. 1915)
14012February 4Death1995 – Patricia Highsmith, American-Swiss author (b. 1921)
14013February 4Death2000 – Carl Albert, American lawyer and politician, 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (b. 1908)
14014February 4Death2001 – Mahmud Esad Coşan, Turkish preacher, author, and academic author (b. 1938)
14015February 4Death2001 – J. J. Johnson, American trombonist and composer (b. 1924)
14016February 4Death2001 – Pankaj Roy, Indian cricketer (b. 1928)
14017February 4Death2001 – Iannis Xenakis, Greek-French composer and architect (b. 1922)
14018February 4Death2002 – George Nader, American actor (b. 1921)
14019February 4Death2002 – Count Sigvard Bernadotte of Wisborg (b. 1907)
14020February 4Death2003 – Benyoucef Benkhedda, Algerian pharmacist and politician (b. 1920)
14021February 4Death2003 – André Noyelle, Belgian cyclist (b. 1931)
14022February 4Death2005 – Ossie Davis, American actor, director, and playwright (b. 1917)
14023February 4Death2006 – Betty Friedan, American author and activist (b. 1921)
14024February 4Death2007 – José Carlos Bauer, Brazilian footballer and manager (b. 1925)
14025February 4Death2007 – Ilya Kormiltsev, Russian-English poet and translator (b. 1959)
14026February 4Death2007 – Jules Olitski, Ukrainian-American painter and sculptor (b. 1922)
14027February 4Death2008 – Augusta Dabney, American actress (b. 1918)
14028February 4Death2008 – Stefan Meller, Polish academic and politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland (b. 1942)
14029February 4Death2010 – Kostas Axelos, Greek-French philosopher and author (b. 1924)
14030February 4Death2011 – Martial Célestin, Haitian lawyer and politician, 1st Prime Minister of Haiti (b. 1913)
14031February 4Death2012 – István Csurka, Hungarian journalist and politician (b. 1934)
14032February 4Death2012 – Florence Green, English soldier (b. 1901)
14033February 4Death2012 – János Sebestyén, Hungarian organist (b. 1931)
14034February 4Death2013 – Donald Byrd, American trumpet player (b. 1932)
14035February 4Death2014 – Eugenio Corti, Italian soldier, author, and playwright (b. 1921)
14036February 4Death2014 – Dennis Lota, Zambian footballer (b. 1973)
14037February 4Death2014 – Wu Ma, Chinese actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1942)
14038February 4Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Andrew CorsiniGilbert of SempringhamJohn de BritoRimbertVeronicaFebruary 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
14039February 4Holiday and observanceDay of the Armed Struggle (Angola)
14040February 4Holiday and observanceEarliest day on which Ash Wednesday can fall, while March 10 is the latest celebrated on the first day of Lent (Christianity)

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