Today in History, English
Today in History, English

143191December 20Birth1951 – Peter May, Scottish author and screenwriter
143192December 20Birth1951 – Nuala O'Loan, Baroness O'Loan, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (1999-2007)
143193December 20Birth1951 – Marta Russell, American author and activist (d. 2013)
143194December 20Birth1951 – Joey Silvera, American porn actor and director
143195December 20Birth1952 – Jenny Agutter, English actress
143196December 20Birth1952 – Sky Gilbert, Canadian drag queen performer, actor, and author
143197December 20Birth1954 – Michael Badalucco, American actor and producer
143198December 20Birth1954 – Sandra Cisneros, American author and poet
143199December 20Birth1955 – David Breashears, American mountaineer, director, and producer
143200December 20Birth1955 – Ed Kuepper, German-Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Saints, Laughing Clowns, and The Apartments)
143201December 20Birth1955 – Rory Markas, American sportscaster (d. 2010)
143202December 20Birth1955 – Binali Yıldırım, Turkish politician
143203December 20Birth1956 – Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Mauritanian general and politician, President of Mauritania
143204December 20Birth1956 – Guy Babylon, American keyboard player and songwriter (d. 2009)
143205December 20Birth1956 – Blanche Baker, American actress and screenwriter
143206December 20Birth1956 – Andrew Mackenzie, Scottish businessman
143207December 20Birth1957 – Stephen Bicknell, English organ builder (d. 2007)
143208December 20Birth1957 – Billy Bragg, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
143209December 20Birth1957 – Anna Vissi, Cypriot singer-songwriter and actress (Epikouri)
143210December 20Birth1957 – Anita Ward, American singer
143211December 20Birth1957 – Mike Watt, American singer-songwriter and bass player (Banyan, Minutemen, Dos, The Stooges, and Firehose)
143212December 20Birth1958 – Doug Nordquist, American high jumper
143213December 20Birth1958 – James Thomson, American biologist and academic
143214December 20Birth1959 – Simon Hughes, English cricketer and journalist
143215December 20Birth1959 – Hildegard Körner, German runner
143216December 20Birth1959 – Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, Polish physicist and politician, 12th Prime Minister of Poland
143217December 20Birth1959 – Trent Tucker, American basketball player and sportscaster
143218December 20Birth1960 – Nalo Hopkinson, Jamaican-Canadian author
143219December 20Birth1960 – Kim Ki-duk, South Korean director, producer, and screenwriter
143220December 20Birth1961 – Mohammad Fouad, Egyptian singer-songwriter and actor

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