Today in History, English
Today in History, English

144901December 25Event1962 – The Soviet Union conducts its final above-ground nuclear weapon test, in anticipation of the 1963 Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
144902December 25Event1963 – Turkish Cypriot Bayrak Radio begins transmitting in Cyprus after Turkish Cypriots are forcibly excluded from Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation.
144903December 25Event1965 – The Yemeni Nasserist Unionist People's Organisation is founded in Ta'izz
144904December 25Event1968 – Apollo program: Apollo 8 performs the very first successful Trans-Earth injection (TEI) maneuver, sending the crew and spacecraft on a trajectory back to Earth from Lunar orbit.
144905December 25Event1968 – Kilvenmani massacre, 44 Dalits (untouchables) burnt to death in Kizhavenmani village, Tamil Nadu, a retaliation for a campaign for higher wages by Dalit laborers.
144906December 25Event1974 – Cyclone Tracy devastates Darwin, Northern Territory Australia.
144907December 25Event1974 – Marshall Fields drives a vehicle through the gates of the White House, resulting in a four-hour standoff.
144908December 25Event1977 – Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin meets in Egypt with its president Anwar Sadat.
144909December 25Event1989 – Deposed President of Romania Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife, First-Deputy Prime-Minister Elena Ceaușescu are condemned to death and executed after a summary trial.
144910December 25Event1991 – Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as General Secretary of the Soviet Union (the union itself is dissolved the next day). Ukraine's referendum is finalized and Ukraine officially leaves the Soviet Union.
144911December 25Event2000 – Russian President Vladimir Putin signs a bill into law that officially establishes a new National Anthem of Russia, with music adopted from the anthem of the Soviet Union that was composed by Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov.
144912December 25Event2003 – The ill-fated Beagle 2 probe, released from the Mars Express spacecraft on December 19, disappears shortly before its scheduled landing.
144913December 25Event2004 – Cassini orbiter releases Huygens probe which successfully landed on Saturn's moon Titan on January 14, 2005.
144914December 25Event2009 – Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab unsuccessfully attempts a terrorist attack against the US while on board a flight to Detroit Metro Airport Northwest Airlines Flight 253
144915December 25Event2012 – An Antonov An-72 plane crashes close to the city of Shymkent, killing 27 people.
144916December 25Birth1250 – John IV Laskaris, Byzantine emperor (d. 1305)
144917December 25Birth1461 – Christina of Saxony (d. 1521)
144918December 25Birth1505 – Christine of Saxony (d. 1549)
144919December 25Birth1583 – Orlando Gibbons, English organist and composer (d. 1625)
144920December 25Birth1584 – Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain (d. 1611)
144921December 25Birth1628 – Noël Coypel, French painter (d. 1707)
144922December 25Birth1642 – Isaac Newton, English physicist and mathematician (d. 1726/7)
144923December 25Birth1652 – Archibald Pitcairne, Scottish physician, anatomist, and scholar (d. 1713)
144924December 25Birth1665 – Lady Grizel Baillie, Scottish-English poet and songwriter (d. 1746)
144925December 25Birth1667 – Melusine von der Schulenburg, Duchess of Kendal (d. 1743)
144926December 25Birth1674 – Thomas Halyburton, Scottish minister and theologian (d. 1712)
144927December 25Birth1686 – Giovanni Battista Somis, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1763)
144928December 25Birth1696 – Prince Johann Ernst of Saxe-Weimar (d. 1715)
144929December 25Birth1700 – Leopold II, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau (d. 1758)
144930December 25Birth1711 – Jean-Joseph de Mondonville, French violinist and composer (d. 1772)

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