Today in History, English
Today in History, English

145861December 27Birth1966 – Wendy Coakley-Thompson, American-Bahamian author
145862December 27Birth1966 – Marianne Elliott, English director and producer
145863December 27Birth1966 – Bill Goldberg, American football player, wrestler, and actor
145864December 27Birth1966 – Eva LaRue, American actress
145865December 27Birth1966 – Fabian Núñez, American politician
145866December 27Birth1969 – Jean-Christophe Boullion, French race car driver
145867December 27Birth1969 – Sarah Vowell, American author and journalist
145868December 27Birth1970 – Chyna, American wrestler and actress
145869December 27Birth1970 – Brendon Cook, Australian race car driver
145870December 27Birth1970 – Tracey Cherelle Jones, American actress
145871December 27Birth1970 – Lorenzo Neal, American football player and radio host
145872December 27Birth1971 – Sergei Bodrov, Jr., Russian actor and screenwriter (d. 2002)
145873December 27Birth1971 – Duncan Ferguson, Scottish footballer and coach
145874December 27Birth1971 – Guthrie Govan, English guitarist (GPS, The Aristocrats, and Asia)
145875December 27Birth1971 – Savannah Guthrie, American journalist, television host, and attorney
145876December 27Birth1971 – Jason Hawes, American paranormal investigator and author, founded The Atlantic Paranormal Society
145877December 27Birth1971 – Bryan Smolinski, American ice hockey player and coach
145878December 27Birth1972 – Thomas Wilson Brown, American actor and producer
145879December 27Birth1972 – Colin Charvis, English rugby player
145880December 27Birth1972 – Kevin Ollie, American basketball player and coach
145881December 27Birth1972 – Matt Slocum, American guitarist and songwriter (Sixpence None the Richer)
145882December 27Birth1973 – Tabatha Cash, French porn actress
145883December 27Birth1973 – Wilson Cruz, American actor
145884December 27Birth1973 – Luka Grubor, Croatian-English rower
145885December 27Birth1973 – Kristoffer Zegers, Dutch pianist and composer
145886December 27Birth1974 – Tomáš Janků, Czech high jumper
145887December 27Birth1974 – Masi Oka, Japanese-American actor and visual effects designer
145888December 27Birth1974 – Fumiko Orikasa, Japanese voice actress and singer
145889December 27Birth1974 – Jay Pandolfo, American ice hockey player and coach
145890December 27Birth1974 – Édgar Ponce, Mexican actor and dancer (d. 2005)

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