Today in History, English
Today in History, English

146851December 30Birth1945 – Vernon Wells, Australian actor and producer
146852December 30Birth1946 – Patti Smith, American singer-songwriter and poet
146853December 30Birth1947 – Michael Burns, American actor and historian
146854December 30Birth1947 – James Kahn, American author, screenwriter, and producer
146855December 30Birth1947 – Jeff Lynne, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Electric Light Orchestra, Traveling Wilburys, The Move, and The Idle Race)
146856December 30Birth1947 – Steve Mix, American basketball player and coach
146857December 30Birth1948 – Jed Johnson, American interior designer and director (d. 1996)
146858December 30Birth1949 – David Bedford, English runner
146859December 30Birth1949 – Jim Flaherty, Canadian lawyer and politician, 37th Canadian Minister of Finance (d. 2014)
146860December 30Birth1950 – Timothy Mo, Chinese-English author
146861December 30Birth1950 – Lewis Shiner, American journalist and author
146862December 30Birth1950 – Bjarne Stroustrup, Danish computer scientist, created the C++ programming language
146863December 30Birth1950 – Martti Vainio, Finnish runner
146864December 30Birth1951 – Doug Allder, English footballer
146865December 30Birth1951 – Nick Rose, English runner
146866December 30Birth1952 – June Anderson, American soprano and actress
146867December 30Birth1952 – Melissa Fay Greene, American author
146868December 30Birth1953 – Daniel T. Barry, American engineer and astronaut
146869December 30Birth1953 – Bill Kazmaier, American strongman and wrestler
146870December 30Birth1953 – Dana Key, American singer, guitarist, and producer (DeGarmo and Key) (d. 2010)
146871December 30Birth1953 – Graham Vick, English director and producer
146872December 30Birth1953 – Meredith Vieira, American journalist and game show host
146873December 30Birth1954 – Barry Greenstein, American poker player
146874December 30Birth1955 – Dindo Yogo, Congolese singer (Viva La Musica, Langa Langa Stars, and Zaiko Langa Langa) (d. 2000)
146875December 30Birth1956 – Ingus Baušķenieks, Latvian singer-songwriter and producer (Dzeltenie Pastnieki)
146876December 30Birth1956 – Suzy Bogguss, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
146877December 30Birth1956 – Claudia di Girolamo, Chilean actress
146878December 30Birth1956 – Patricia Kalember, American actress
146879December 30Birth1956 – Sheryl Lee Ralph, American actress and singer
146880December 30Birth1956 – Jacek Wszoła, Polish high jumper

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