Today in History, English
Today in History, English

14671February 6Birth1947 – Bill Staines, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
14672February 6Birth1947 – Daniel Yergin, American historian and author
14673February 6Birth1948 – Bunny Rugs, Jamaican singer (Third World and Inner Circle) (d. 2014)
14674February 6Birth1949 – Mike Batt, English singer-songwriter and producer (The Wombles)
14675February 6Birth1949 – Manuel Orantes, Spanish tennis player
14676February 6Birth1949 – Jim Sheridan, Irish director, producer, and screenwriter
14677February 6Birth1950 – Natalie Cole, American singer-songwriter and actress
14678February 6Birth1950 – Timothy M. Dolan, American cardinal
14679February 6Birth1951 – Margo, Irish singer
14680February 6Birth1951 – Marco Antônio, Brazilian footballer
14681February 6Birth1951 – Huw Lloyd-Langton, English guitarist (Hawkwind, Widowmaker, and The Meads of Asphodel) (d. 2012)
14682February 6Birth1951 – Jacques Villeret, French actor (d. 2005)
14683February 6Birth1951 – Kevin Whately, English actor
14684February 6Birth1952 – Tim Blake, English keyboard player (Gong and Hawkwind)
14685February 6Birth1952 – Viktor Giacobbo, Swiss actor, producer, and screenwriter
14686February 6Birth1952 – Ricardo La Volpe, Argentinian footballer, manager, and coach
14687February 6Birth1954 – Bob Sirois, Canadian ice hockey player
14688February 6Birth1955 – Michael Pollan, American journalist, author, and academic
14689February 6Birth1955 – Bruno Stolorz, French rugby player and coach
14690February 6Birth1956 – Nazan Öncel, Turkish singer-songwriter
14691February 6Birth1956 – Jon Walmsley, English-American singer-songwriter and actor
14692February 6Birth1957 – Matthew Best, English bass singer and conductor
14693February 6Birth1957 – Andres Lipstok, Estonian economist and politician, Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs
14694February 6Birth1957 – Kathy Najimy, American actress
14695February 6Birth1957 – Simon Phillips, English drummer (Toto, Michael Schenker Group, 801, RMS, and PhD)
14696February 6Birth1957 – Robert Townsend, American actor and director
14697February 6Birth1958 – Cecily Adams, American actress and casting director (d. 2004)
14698February 6Birth1958 – Tim Dakin, English bishop
14699February 6Birth1958 – Barry Miller, American actor
14700February 6Birth1960 – Jeremy Bowen, Welsh journalist

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