Today in History, English
Today in History, English

20401February 22Birth1950 – Miou-Miou, French actress
20402February 22Birth1950 – Julius Erving, American basketball player and sportscaster
20403February 22Birth1950 – Lenny Kuhr, Dutch singer-songwriter
20404February 22Birth1950 – Genesis P-Orridge, English singer-songwriter (Psychic TV, Thee Majesty, Pigface, and Splinter Test)
20405February 22Birth1950 – Julie Walters, English actress and singer
20406February 22Birth1951 – Ellen Greene, American singer and actress
20407February 22Birth1952 – Cyrinda Foxe, American model and actress (d. 2002)
20408February 22Birth1952 – Bill Frist, American physician and politician
20409February 22Birth1952 – Bernard Silverman, English minister, statistician, and academic
20410February 22Birth1953 – Graham Lewis, English bass player (Wire and Dome)
20411February 22Birth1953 – Nigel Planer, English actor and screenwriter
20412February 22Birth1955 – David Axelrod, American journalist and political adviser
20413February 22Birth1955 – Tim Young, Canadian ice hockey player
20414February 22Birth1957 – Willie Smits, Dutch microbiologist and engineer
20415February 22Birth1958 – Dave Spitz, American bass player and songwriter (Black Sabbath, White Lion, Great White, and Impellitteri)
20416February 22Birth1959 – Jiří Čunek, Czech politician
20417February 22Birth1959 – Kyle MacLachlan, American actor
20418February 22Birth1960 – Thomas Galbraith, 2nd Baron Strathclyde, Scottish politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
20419February 22Birth1961 – Akira Takasaki, Japanese guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Lazy and Loudness)
20420February 22Birth1962 – Steve Irwin, Australian zoologist and television host (d. 2006)
20421February 22Birth1963 – Vijay Singh, Fijian-American golfer
20422February 22Birth1964 – Ed Boon, American video game designer, co-created Mortal Kombat
20423February 22Birth1964 – Gigi Fernández, Puerto Rican-American tennis player
20424February 22Birth1965 – Chris Dudley, American basketball player and politician
20425February 22Birth1965 – Kieren Fallon, Irish jockey
20426February 22Birth1965 – Pat LaFontaine, American ice hockey player
20427February 22Birth1966 – Rachel Dratch, American actress and singer
20428February 22Birth1966 – Thorsten Kaye, German actor
20429February 22Birth1966 – Aiden Shaw, English porn actor and singer
20430February 22Birth1967 – Psicosis II, Mexican wrestler

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