Today in History, English
Today in History, English

23357March 2Birth1975 – El-P, American rapper and producer (Company Flow and The Weathermen)
23358March 2Birth1977 – Dominique Canty, American basketball player and coach
23359March 2Birth1977 – Chris Martin, English singer-songwriter and producer (Coldplay)
23360March 2Birth1977 – Stephen Parry, English swimmer and sportscaster
23361March 2Birth1977 – Andrew Strauss, South African-English cricketer
23362March 2Birth1978 – Gabby Eigenmann, Filipino actor and singer
23363March 2Birth1978 – Lee Hodges, English footballer
23364March 2Birth1978 – Tomáš Kaberle, Czech ice hockey player
23365March 2Birth1978 – Giannis Skopelitis, Greek footballer
23366March 2Birth1979 – Sergei Davydov, Belarusian figure skater
23367March 2Birth1979 – Damien Duff, Irish footballer
23368March 2Birth1979 – Nicky Weaver, English footballer
23369March 2Birth1980 – Chris Barker, English footballer and manager
23370March 2Birth1980 – Karl Dominik, Polish-Chinese actor
23341March 2Birth1969 – Ben Oxenbould, Australian actor
23342March 2Birth1969 – Mark Selbee, American kick-boxer (d. 2014)
23343March 2Birth1970 – Alexander Armstrong, English comedian and actor
23344March 2Birth1970 – James Purnell, English politician, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
23345March 2Birth1970 – Wibi Soerjadi, Dutch pianist and composer
23346March 2Birth1971 – Dave Gorman, English comedian and author
23347March 2Birth1971 – Lisa Lackey, Australian actress
23348March 2Birth1971 – Method Man, American rapper, record producer and actor (Wu-Tang Clan)
23349March 2Birth1971 – Amber Smith, American model and actress
23350March 2Birth1971 – Manami Toyota, Japanese wrestler
23351March 2Birth1972 – Richard Ruccolo, American actor
23352March 2Birth1972 – Rene Bitorajac, Croatian actor
23353March 2Birth1972 – Mauricio Pochettino, Argentinian footballer and manager
23354March 2Birth1973 – Dejan Bodiroga, Serbian basketball player
23355March 2Birth1973 – Trevor Sinclair, English footballer and manager
23356March 2Birth1974 – Hayley Lewis, Australian swimmer and television host

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