Today in History, English
Today in History, English

23551March 3Event1945 – World War II: A former Armia Krajowa unit massacres at least 150 Ukrainian civilians in Pawłokoma, Poland.
23552March 3Event1945 – World War II: The RAF accidentally bombs the Bezuidenhout neighbourhood in The Hague, Netherlands, killing 511 people.
23553March 3Event1951 – Jackie Brenston, with Ike Turner and his band, records "Rocket 88", often cited as "the first rock and roll record", at Sam Phillips' recording studios in Memphis, Tennessee.
23554March 3Event1953 – A Canadian Pacific Air Lines De Havilland Comet crashes in Karachi, Pakistan, killing 11.
23555March 3Event1958 – Nuri al-Said becomes Prime Minister of Iraq for the eighth time.
23556March 3Event1969 – Apollo program: NASA launches Apollo 9 to test the lunar module.
23557March 3Event1972 – Mohawk Airlines Flight 405 crashes as a result of a control malfunction and insufficient training in emergency procedures.
23558March 3Event1974 – Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crashes at Ermenonville near Paris, France killing all 346 aboard.
23559March 3Event1980 – The USS Nautilus is decommissioned and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register.
23560March 3Event1985 – Arthur Scargill declares that the National Union of Mineworkers national executive voted to end the longest-running industrial dispute in Great Britain without any peace deal over pit closures.
23561March 3Event1985 – A magnitude 8.3 earthquake strikes the Valparaíso Region of Chile, killing 177 and leaving nearly a million people homeless.
23562March 3Event1991 – An amateur video captures the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers.
23563March 3Event1991 – In concurrent referenda, 74% of the population of Latvia votes for independence from the Soviet Union, and 83% in Estonia.
23564March 3Event1991 – United Airlines Flight 585 crashes on approach into Colorado Springs, Colorado, killing 25.
23565March 3Event1997 – The tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere, Sky Tower in downtown Auckland, New Zealand, opens after two-and-a-half years of construction.
23566March 3Event2005 – Mayerthorpe tragedy: James Roszko murders four Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables during a drug bust at his property in Rochfort Bridge, Alberta, then commits suicide. It is the deadliest peace-time incident for the RCMP since 1885 and the No
23567March 3Event2005 – Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane non-stop around the world solo without refueling.
23568March 3Event2005 – Margaret Wilson is elected as Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives, beginning a period lasting until August 23, 2006 where all the highest political offices (including Elizabeth II as Head of State), were occupied by women, making Ne
23569March 3Event2009 – The Historical Archive of the City of Cologne collapses.
23570March 3Event2012 – Two trains crash in the small Polish town of Szczekociny near Zawiercie, with 16 people killed and up to 58 people injured.
23571March 3Event2013 – A bomb blast in Karachi, Pakistan, kills at least 45 people and injured 180 others in a predominately Shia Muslim area.
23572March 3Event2014 – The trial of Oscar Pistorius begins in Pretoria.
23573March 3Event2015 – Slovenia legalizes same-sex marriage.
23574March 3Birth1455 – John II of Portugal (d. 1495)
23575March 3Birth1520 – Matthias Flacius, Croatian theologian and reformer (d. 1575)
23576March 3Birth1583 – Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury, English-Welsh soldier, historian, and diplomat (d. 1648)
23577March 3Birth1589 – Gisbertus Voetius, Dutch minister, theologian, and academic (d. 1676)
23578March 3Birth1606 – Edmund Waller, English poet and politician (d. 1687)
23579March 3Birth1631 – Esaias Boursse, Dutch painter and educator (d. 1672)
23580March 3Birth1652 – Thomas Otway, English playwright and author (d. 1685)

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