Today in History, English
Today in History, English

23641March 3Birth1923 – Doc Watson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2012)
23642March 3Birth1924 – Lys Assia, Swiss singer and dancer
23643March 3Birth1924 – Tomiichi Murayama, Japanese soldier and politician, 52nd Prime Minister of Japan
23644March 3Birth1924 – Lilian Velez, Filipino actress and singer (d. 1948)
23645March 3Birth1926 – James Merrill, American author, poet, and playwright (d. 1995)
23646March 3Birth1927 – Pierre Aubert, Swiss lawyer and politician
23647March 3Birth1927 – Nicolas Freeling, English author (d. 2003)
23648March 3Birth1928 – Joe Conley, American actor (d. 2013)
23649March 3Birth1928 – Pierre Michelot, French bassist (Play Bach Trio) (d. 2005)
23650March 3Birth1930 – Alfredo Alcón, Argentinian actor (d. 2014)
23651March 3Birth1930 – Heiner Geißler, German lawyer and politician
23652March 3Birth1930 – Ion Iliescu, Romanian engineer and politician, 2nd President of Romania
23653March 3Birth1930 – K. S. Rajah, Singaporean lawyer and politician (d. 2010)
23654March 3Birth1933 – Alfredo Landa, Spanish actor and singer (d. 2013)
23655March 3Birth1933 – Marco Antonio Muñiz, Mexican singer and actor
23656March 3Birth1933 – Lee Radziwill, American socialite
23657March 3Birth1934 – Peter Brooke, Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandeville, English politician, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
23658March 3Birth1934 – Jimmy Garrison, American bassist and educator (d. 1976)
23659March 3Birth1935 – Michael Walzer, American philosopher and academic
23660March 3Birth1935 – Zhelyu Zhelev, Bulgarian philosopher and politician, 2nd President of Bulgaria (d. 2015)
23661March 3Birth1936 – Preston King, American activist and academic
23662March 3Birth1937 – Bobby Driscoll, American actor and singer (d. 1968)
23663March 3Birth1939 – Larry Burkett, American author and radio host (d. 2003)
23664March 3Birth1940 – Germán Castro Caycedo, Colombian author and journalist
23665March 3Birth1940 – Perry Ellis, American fashion designer, founded Perry Ellis (d. 1986)
23666March 3Birth1940 – Jean-Paul Proust, French-Monacan police officer and politician, 21st Minister of State of Monaco (d. 2010)
23667March 3Birth1940 – Owen Spencer-Thomas, English minister and journalist
23668March 3Birth1942 – Mike Pender, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Searchers and Mike Pender's Searchers)
23669March 3Birth1944 – Lee Holdridge, Haitian-American composer and conductor
23670March 3Birth1945 – George Miller, Australian director, producer, and screenwriter

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