Today in History, English
Today in History, English

24271March 4Birth1951 – Sam Perlozzo, American baseball player and manager
24272March 4Birth1951 – Mike Quarry, American boxer (d. 2006)
24273March 4Birth1951 – Chris Rea, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
24274March 4Birth1951 – Klinton Spilsbury, Mexican-American actor
24275March 4Birth1951 – Gwen Welles, American actress (d. 1993)
24276March 4Birth1951 – Glenis Willmott, English scientist and politician
24277March 4Birth1951 – Linda Yamamoto, Japanese singer and actress
24278March 4Birth1951 – Zoran Žižić, Montenegrin politician, 4th Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (d. 2013)
24279March 4Birth1952 – Serge Fiori, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Harmonium)
24280March 4Birth1952 – Peter Kuhfeld, English painter
24281March 4Birth1952 – Ronn Moss, American singer-songwriter and actor (Player)
24282March 4Birth1952 – Svend Robinson, American-Canadian lawyer and politician
24283March 4Birth1952 – Umberto Tozzi, Italian singer-songwriter and producer
24284March 4Birth1953 – Nicholas Campion, English astrologer and historian
24285March 4Birth1953 – John Edwards, Australian director and producer
24286March 4Birth1953 – Emilio Estefan, Cuban-American drummer and producer
24287March 4Birth1953 – Scott Hicks, Ugandan-Australian director and screenwriter
24288March 4Birth1953 – Paweł Janas, Polish footballer and manager
24289March 4Birth1953 – Rose Laurens, French singer-songwriter
24290March 4Birth1953 – Kay Lenz, American actress
24291March 4Birth1953 – Geoff Nicholson, English author
24292March 4Birth1953 – Peggy Rathmann, American author and illustrator
24293March 4Birth1953 – Reinhold Roth, German motorcycle racer
24294March 4Birth1953 – KRK Ryden, American painter and illustrator
24295March 4Birth1953 – Chris Smith, American lawyer and politician
24296March 4Birth1953 – Daniel Woodrell, American author
24297March 4Birth1954 – Timur Apakidze, Russian general and pilot (d. 2001)
24298March 4Birth1954 – Victoria Barnsley, English publisher
24299March 4Birth1954 – Mark Chorvinsky, American magician and author (d. 2005)
24300March 4Birth1954 – François Fillon, French lawyer and politician, Prime Minister of France

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