Today in History, English
Today in History, English

24331March 4Birth1961 – Sabine Everts, German heptathlete
24332March 4Birth1961 – Tinker Juarez, American motocross racer
24333March 4Birth1961 – Ray Mancini, American boxer, actor, and producer
24334March 4Birth1961 – Mahito Ōba, Japanese voice actor
24335March 4Birth1961 – Theodosii Spassov, Bulgarian kaval player
24336March 4Birth1961 – Steven Weber, American actor, singer, producer, and screenwriter
24337March 4Birth1961 – Roger Wessels, South African golfer
24338March 4Birth1962 – Simon Bisley, English author and illustrator
24339March 4Birth1962 – Paul Canoville, English footballer
24340March 4Birth1962 – Greg Kragen, American footballer
24341March 4Birth1962 – Stephan Reimertz, German historian and author
24342March 4Birth1962 – David Sparrow, English-Canadian actor, producer, and screenwriter
24343March 4Birth1962 – Claire Voisin, French mathematician and academic
24344March 4Birth1963 – Janey Lee Grace, English singer and radio host
24345March 4Birth1963 – Jason Newsted, American bass player and songwriter (Metallica, Voivod, and Flotsam and Jetsam)
24346March 4Birth1963 – Daniel Roebuck, American actor and producer
24347March 4Birth1964 – Scott Baker, American journalist and blogger
24348March 4Birth1964 – Dave Colclough, Welsh computer programmer and poker player
24349March 4Birth1964 – Brian Crowley, Irish lawyer and politician
24350March 4Birth1964 – Karen Knowles, Australian singer-songwriter (The Seekers)
24351March 4Birth1964 – Tom Lampkin, American baseball player and sportscaster
24352March 4Birth1964 – Paolo Virzì, Italian director and screenwriter
24353March 4Birth1965 – WestBam, German DJ and producer
24354March 4Birth1965 – Paul W. S. Anderson, English director, producer, and screenwriter
24355March 4Birth1965 – Andrew Collins, English journalist and screenwriter
24356March 4Birth1965 – Stacy Edwards, American actress
24357March 4Birth1965 – Khaled Hosseini, Afghan physician and author
24358March 4Birth1965 – Yury Lonchakov, Russian colonel, pilot, and astronaut
24359March 4Birth1965 – Viktor Shapovalov, Russian race car driver
24360March 4Birth1965 – Jonathan Shearer, Scottish reality contestant, winner of Castaway 2007

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