Today in History, English
Today in History, English

25021March 5Birth1949 – Leszek Błażyński, Polish boxer (d. 1992)
25022March 5Birth1949 – Franz Josef Jung, German lawyer and politician, German Federal Minister of Defence
25023March 5Birth1951 – Lat, Malaysian cartoonist
25024March 5Birth1952 – Alan Clark, English keyboard player (Dire Straits)
25025March 5Birth1952 – Mike Squires, American baseball player and scout
25026March 5Birth1953 – Michael Sandel, American philosopher and educator
25027March 5Birth1953 – Tokyo Sexwale, South African businessman and politician, 1st Premier of Gauteng
25028March 5Birth1954 – Barry Lee Fairchild, American murderer (d. 1995)
25029March 5Birth1954 – Jack Stamp, American conductor and composer
25030March 5Birth1954 – Marsha Warfield, American actress and singer
25031March 5Birth1955 – Julien Dray, French politician
25032March 5Birth1955 – Penn Jillette, American magician, actor, and author
25033March 5Birth1956 – Adriana Barraza, Mexican actress and director
25034March 5Birth1956 – Teena Marie, American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2010)
25035March 5Birth1956 – Marco Paolini, Italian actor and author
25036March 5Birth1956 – Christopher Snowden, English engineer and academic
25037March 5Birth1957 – Mark E. Smith, English singer-songwriter (The Fall and Von Südenfed)
25038March 5Birth1957 – Ray Suarez, American journalist and author
25039March 5Birth1958 – Andy Gibb, English-Australian singer (d. 1988)
25040March 5Birth1959 – Mike Byster, American mathematician and academic
25041March 5Birth1959 – David Fury, American screenwriter and producer
25042March 5Birth1959 – Tsukasa Hojo, Japanese illustrator
25043March 5Birth1959 – Vazgen Sargsyan, Armenian colonel and politician, 8th Prime Minister of Armenia (d. 1999)
25044March 5Birth1960 – Paul Drayson, Baron Drayson, English businessman and politician, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology
25045March 5Birth1960 – David Tibet, English singer-songwriter (Current 93 and Death in June)
25046March 5Birth1962 – Jonathan Penner, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
25047March 5Birth1962 – Charlie Reid, Scottish singer-songwriter (The Proclaimers)
25048March 5Birth1962 – Craig Reid, Scottish singer-songwriter (The Proclaimers)
25049March 5Birth1963 – Joel Osteen, American pastor, author, and television host
25050March 5Birth1964 – Bertrand Cantat, French singer-songwriter (Noir Désir)

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