Today in History, English
Today in History, English

25231March 5Death2014 – Ailsa McKay, Scottish economist and academic (b. 1963)
25232March 5Death2014 – Leopoldo María Panero, Spanish poet and translator (b. 1948)
25233March 5Death2014 – Dave Sampson, English singer (b. 1941)
25234March 5Death2015 – Vlada Divljan, Serbian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Idoli and Apartchiks) (b. 1958)
25235March 5Death2015 – Edward Egan, American cardinal (b. 1932)
25236March 5Death2015 – Albert Maysles, American director and producer (b. 1926)
25237March 5Death2015 – Jim McCann, Irish singer and guitarist (The Dubliners and The Ludlows) (b. 1944)
25238March 5Death2015 – Dirk Shafer, American model, actor, and director (b. 1962)
25239March 5Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:John Joseph of the CrossCiarán of Saigir (Irish calendar)Theophilus, bishop of CaesareaThietmar of MindenMarch 5 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
25240March 5Holiday and observanceCustom Chief's Day (Vanuatu)
25241March 5Holiday and observanceLantern Festival (China)
25242March 5Holiday and observanceLearn from Lei Feng Day (China)
25243March 5Holiday and observanceNational Tree Planting Day (Iran)
25244March 5Holiday and observanceSt Piran's Day (Cornwall)
25245March 5Holiday and observancePurim ends
25246March 6Event12 BC – The Roman Emperor Augustus is named Pontifex Maximus, incorporating the position into that of the Emperor.
25247March 6Event845 – Execution of the 42 Martyrs of Amorium at Samarra
25248March 6Event961 – Byzantine conquest of Chandax by Nikephoros Phokas, end of the Emirate of Crete
25249March 6Event1204 – The Siege of Château Gaillard ends in a French victory over King John of England, who loses control of Normandy to King Philip II Augustus.
25250March 6Event1454 – Thirteen Years' War: Delegates of the Prussian Confederation pledge allegiance to King Casimir IV of Poland who agrees to commit his forces in aiding the Confederation's struggle for independence from the Teutonic Knights.
25251March 6Event1521 – Ferdinand Magellan arrives at Guam.
25252March 6Event1665 – The first joint Secretary of the Royal Society, Henry Oldenburg, publishes the first issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
25253March 6Event1788 – The First Fleet arrives at Norfolk Island in order to found a convict settlement.
25254March 6Event1820 – The Missouri Compromise is signed into law by President James Monroe. The compromise allows Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, brings Maine into the Union as a free state, and makes the rest of the northern part of the Louisiana Purchase
25255March 6Event1834 – York, Upper Canada is incorporated as Toronto.
25256March 6Event1836 – Texas Revolution: Battle of the Alamo – After a thirteen-day siege by an army of 3,000 Mexican troops, the 187 Texas volunteers, including frontiersman Davy Crockett and colonel Jim Bowie, defending the Alamo are killed and the fort is captured.
25257March 6Event1857 – The Supreme Court of the United States rules in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case.
25258March 6Event1869 – Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society.
25259March 6Event1882 – The Serbian kingdom is re-founded.
25260March 6Event1899 – Bayer registers "Aspirin" as a trademark.

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