Today in History, English
Today in History, English

25411March 6Birth1951 – Gerrie Knetemann, Dutch cyclist (d. 2004)
25412March 6Birth1953 – Phil Alvin, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Blasters)
25413March 6Birth1953 – Jay Ilagan, Filipino actor (d. 1992)
25414March 6Birth1953 – Madhav Kumar Nepal, Nepali banker and politician, 34th Prime Minister of Nepal
25415March 6Birth1953 – Carolyn Porco, American astronomer and academic
25416March 6Birth1954 – Joey DeMaio, American bass player and songwriter (Manowar)
25417March 6Birth1954 – Jeff Greenwald, American author, photographer, and monologist
25418March 6Birth1954 – Harald Schumacher, German footballer and manager
25419March 6Birth1955 – Alberta Watson, Canadian actress (d. 2015)
25420March 6Birth1958 – Eddie Deezen, American actor
25421March 6Birth1959 – Tom Arnold, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
25422March 6Birth1959 – Chris Raschka, American author and illustrator
25423March 6Birth1960 – Sleepy Floyd, American basketball player and coach
25424March 6Birth1960 – Cecilia Heyes, English psychologist and academic
25425March 6Birth1962 – Erika Hess, Swiss skier
25426March 6Birth1962 – Luis Raúl, Puerto Rican comedian and actor (d. 2014)
25427March 6Birth1963 – Suzanne Crough, American actress (d. 2015)
25428March 6Birth1963 – D. L. Hughley, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
25429March 6Birth1964 – Paul Bostaph, American drummer (Forbidden, Slayer, Testament, and Systematic)
25430March 6Birth1964 – Skip Ewing, American singer-songwriter
25431March 6Birth1964 – Madonna Wayne Gacy, American keyboard player (Marilyn Manson)
25432March 6Birth1964 – Yvette Wilson, American actress (d. 2012)
25433March 6Birth1965 – Jim Knight, English politician
25434March 6Birth1966 – Alan Davies, English comedian and actor
25435March 6Birth1967 – Julio Bocca, Argentinian ballet dancer and director
25436March 6Birth1967 – Connie Britton, American actress, singer, and producer
25437March 6Birth1967 – Shuler Hensley, American actor and singer
25438March 6Birth1968 – Moira Kelly, American actress and director
25439March 6Birth1968 – Michael Romeo, American guitarist and songwriter (Symphony X)
25440March 6Birth1969 – Andrea Elson, American actress

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