Today in History, English
Today in History, English

26551March 9Birth1966 – Michael Patrick MacDonald, Irish-American author and activist
26552March 9Birth1968 – Youri Djorkaeff, French footballer
26553March 9Birth1968 – Brian Heidik, American reality show contestant, winner of Survivor: Thailand
26554March 9Birth1968 – Johnny Kelly, American drummer (Type O Negative, Danzig, A Pale Horse Named Death, and Seventh Void)
26555March 9Birth1969 – Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, American basketball player
26556March 9Birth1969 – Kimberly Guilfoyle, American lawyer and journalist
26557March 9Birth1969 – Stefie Shock, Canadian singer-songwriter
26558March 9Birth1970 – Naveen Jindal, Indian politician
26559March 9Birth1970 – Martin Johnson, English rugby player and coach
26560March 9Birth1970 – Shannon Leto, American drummer and actor (Thirty Seconds to Mars and The Wondergirls)
26561March 9Birth1970 – Stephen Phillips, English lawyer and politician
26562March 9Birth1970 – David Guido Pietroni, Italian director and producer
26563March 9Birth1971 – C-Murder, American rapper and actor
26564March 9Birth1971 – Emmanuel Lewis, American actor and singer
26565March 9Birth1971 – Diego Torres, Argentinian singer-songwriter and actor
26566March 9Birth1972 – Spencer Howson, Australian radio host
26567March 9Birth1972 – Jean Louisa Kelly, American actress and singer
26568March 9Birth1972 – Kerr Smith, American actor
26569March 9Birth1973 – Aaron Boone, American baseball player and sportscaster
26570March 9Birth1973 – Liam Griffin, English racing driver and businessman
26571March 9Birth1975 – Roy Makaay, Dutch footballer and manager
26572March 9Birth1975 – Didiayer Snyder, Australian model, author, and interior designer
26573March 9Birth1975 – Chaske Spencer, American actor
26574March 9Birth1975 – Juan Sebastián Verón, Argentinian footballer
26575March 9Birth1976 – Yamila Diaz-Rahi, Argentinian model and actress
26576March 9Birth1976 – Ben Mulroney, Canadian journalist and game show host
26577March 9Birth1977 – Radek Dvořák, Czech ice hockey player
26578March 9Birth1978 – MickDeth, American bass player (Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through, and Clear) (d. 2013)
26579March 9Birth1978 – Lucas Neill, Australian footballer
26580March 9Birth1979 – Iryna Charnushenka-Stasiuk, Belarusian long jumper (d. 2013)

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