Today in History, English
Today in History, English

79619July 13Birth1954 – Rick Chartraw, Venezuelan-American ice hockey player
79620July 13Birth1954 – Louise Mandrell, American singer-songwriter and actress
79591July 13Birth1939 – Lambert Jackson Woodburne, South African admiral (d. 2013)
79592July 13Birth1940 – Donald Lautrec, Canadian singer and actor
79593July 13Birth1940 – Tom Lichtenberg, American football player and coach (d. 2013)
79594July 13Birth1940 – Paul Prudhomme, American chef and author (d. 2015)
79595July 13Birth1940 – Patrick Stewart, English actor, director, and producer
79596July 13Birth1941 – Robert Forster, American actor and producer
79597July 13Birth1941 – Ehud Manor, Israeli songwriter and translator (d. 2005)
79598July 13Birth1941 – Jacques Perrin, French actor, director, and producer
79599July 13Birth1942 – Harrison Ford, American actor and producer
79600July 13Birth1942 – Roger McGuinn, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Byrds and Chad Mitchell Trio)
79601July 13Birth1943 – Chris Serle, English journalist and actor
79602July 13Birth1944 – Ernő Rubik, Hungarian game designer, architect, and educator, invented the Rubik's Cube
79603July 13Birth1944 – Cyril Knowles, English footballer and manager (d. 1991)
79604July 13Birth1946 – Bob Kauffman, American basketball player and coach (d. 2015)
79605July 13Birth1946 – Cheech Marin, American actor, singer, and screenwriter
79606July 13Birth1948 – Catherine Breillat, French director and screenwriter
79607July 13Birth1948 – Daphne Maxwell Reid, American actress and producer
79608July 13Birth1950 – Rod Dixon, New Zealand runner
79609July 13Birth1950 – George Nelson, American astronomer and astronaut
79610July 13Birth1950 – Ma Ying-jeou, Hong Kong-Taiwanese commander and politician, 12th President of the Republic of China
79611July 13Birth1950 – Jurelang Zedkaia, Marshallese politician, 5th President of the Marshall Islands (d. 2015)
79612July 13Birth1951 – Rob Bishop, American educator and politician
79613July 13Birth1951 – Didi Conn, American actress and singer
79614July 13Birth1953 – Gil Birmingham, American actor
79615July 13Birth1953 – Larry Gomes, Tobagan cricketer
79616July 13Birth1953 – Mila Mulroney, Bosnian-Canadian wife of Brian Mulroney, 18th Spouse of the Prime Minister of Canada
79617July 13Birth1953 – Sigurd Ulveseth, Norwegian bassist
79618July 13Birth1954 – Sezen Aksu, Turkish singer-songwriter and producer

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