Today in History, English
Today in History, English

82621July 21Birth1963 – Greg Behrendt, American comedian, guitarist, and author (The Reigning Monarchs)
82622July 21Birth1963 – Dorce Gamalama, Indonesian singer-songwriter and actress
82623July 21Birth1963 – Kevin Poole, English footballer and manager
82624July 21Birth1963 – Giant Silva, Brazilian basketball player, mixed martial artist, and wrestler
82625July 21Birth1964 – Steve Collins, Irish boxer and actor
82626July 21Birth1964 – Ross Kemp, English actor and producer
82627July 21Birth1964 – Sharon Twomey, Irish actress
82628July 21Birth1964 – Jens Weißflog, German ski jumper and journalist
82629July 21Birth1965 – Guðni Bergsson, Icelandic footballer and lawyer
82630July 21Birth1965 – Mike Bordick, American baseball player, coach, and sportscaster
82631July 21Birth1965 – Jovy Marcelo, Filipino race car driver (d. 1992)
82632July 21Birth1966 – Arija Bareikis, American actress
82633July 21Birth1966 – Sarah Waters, Welsh author and academic
82634July 21Birth1968 – Brandi Chastain, American soccer player and sportscaster
82635July 21Birth1968 – Lyle Odelein, Canadian ice hockey player
82636July 21Birth1968 – Aditya Shrivastava, Indian actor and singer
82637July 21Birth1969 – Godfrey, American comedian and actor
82638July 21Birth1969 – Klaus Graf, German race car driver
82639July 21Birth1969 – Emerson Hart, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Tonic)
82640July 21Birth1970 – Michael Fitzpatrick, American singer-songwriter (Fitz and The Tantrums)
82641July 21Birth1970 – Alysia Reiner, American actress and producer
82642July 21Birth1970 – Shawn Stasiak, American wrestler and chiropractor
82643July 21Birth1971 – Emmanuel Bangué, French long jumper
82644July 21Birth1971 – Charlotte Gainsbourg, English-French actress and singer
82645July 21Birth1971 – Nuno Markl, Portuguese comedian, actor, and screenwriter
82646July 21Birth1971 – Nitzan Shirazi, Israeli footballer and manager (d. 2014)
82647July 21Birth1972 – Korey Cooper, American singer and guitarist (Skillet)
82648July 21Birth1972 – Ai Haruna, Japanese television personality and singer
82649July 21Birth1972 – Shinjiro Otani, Japanese wrestler
82650July 21Birth1973 – Ali Landry, American model and actress, Miss USA 1996

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